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On “Vote tally for Nevada County election still days away”:

Kathleen Jones Amatangelo — Imagine, with all the millions of credit card purchases each day, if it took this long to credit/debt your account. New is not always better!

E Christina Dabis-Appleby — So, $258,000 was spent with a net vote-count result being far worse than using the system we had in years past. What a farce!

Mike Ferguson — Why can’t they tell us what the vote count is as of Thursday, Friday, or Saturday; why wait until all votes counted on Monday?

Nancy Mitchell — What an unfortunate situation … all of those candidates who thought they won are now plunged into the waiting game again! Not fair? Where is Greg Diaz?

Todd Juvinall — This experiment is a flop of great proportions. We need to return to the old “tried and true” election days. Please stop experimenting. And for goodness sake, it is not that we don’t know the day of voting, so why not have a hundred people hired for that day anyway?

Charles Tim Gore — Todd states “We need to return to the old “tried and true” election days.” I agree, 13,600 ballots not counted as of 6/7/2018? Sounds like “If it works, fix it” did not work too well.

On “Parties not on same page regarding developing where tomato farm now sits”:

Jezra Sinistra —Will a manager at Dollar General be able to afford to buy a home in “Gilded Springs”? If Nevada County is going to lose urban farmland for housing, that housing should be high density and affordable; it should not be sprawl.

Deby Williams Snell — I’m really sorry and hope you find another place to grow tomatoes … maybe where the water is cheaper, too.

Viktoria Werner —Why always high end? There are some less fortunate out here that need homes also!

August Reid — It is an ideal location for a subdivision. Close to schools, downtown, and shopping. Hopefully they can work out the plans.

Mike Mooers — “Gilded springs.” Holy crap that’s an awful name. At least do “Alta Ranch” or “Upper Main” or something not horribly lame. By the way, this whole thing sucks.

Charisse Lolli — Sad story. I would like to read about Grandpa’s vision to build a housing development? Sure this isn’t the heirs’ vision to sell to a developer for big bucks … who will build houses that the average person cannot afford?

On “Inmates at the Nevada County jail say yoga classes have made positive difference in their lives”:

Kristin Smith — Great article, Cory. Good to know that inmates are being offered an alternative way to live, rather than being told what NOT to do. It would be great if there were some free follow on classes to continue after release since most inmates are not able to afford private classes afterwards.

Millie Tripp — But when returned to the public environment what happens? Go back to the their old friends and ways?

Margaret Arroyo — Old patterns take time to change. These classes are all part of the greater long term solution of discovering healthy options. Exposure to a more peaceful, healthier self-image is important. You never know when the connection to a positive choice will flicker into a flame.

Greg Zaller — Good question. Studies show at least a one third reduction in recidivism from these types of training. They are very effective. Still, much more needs to be done. As your question reflects, it would be also very helpful if positive environments are available for those returning to life after incarceration.

Jessica Lee Lusignan —I am an ICU & PACU nurse here at Sierra Nevada Memorial. I have personally seen yoga help so many people. That being said, I am very happy that our community is actually rehabilitating the people in jail.

Nancy Busey — Having a 30-year holistic medicine background, I know the brain continues to rewire itself when relearning that one is always at choice. A choice to love oneself with mindfulness practices. Thank you Skyler!

Heidi Starr — I am so proud of my friend Skyler Myers! What an incredible contribution. Such a special woman!

On “Nevada City cyclist Frank Pedrick killed in Bosnia bike incident”:

Arch Owens — No, No, No … Frank was one of my favorite customers and a fellow cyclist. This is horrible. He will be sorely missed here. Godspeed Frank. He really was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Truly a prince. Genuine “white hat”, so to speak. Deepest condolences to friends and family.

Sherree Hill —Heartbreaking news. Our hearts go out to Frank’s loved ones especially his wife, Trudy and daughter, Katie. He will be deeply missed by his community of friends.

Judith Hill-Weld — Frank was an unfailingly kind and gentle man. Reliable, helpful and always a pleasure to see. The world will be poorer without him.

Joyce Schwilke — One of the best men I ever knew. Such a loss for his friends and family. My condolences to everyone who knew him. So sad.

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