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Farewell, for now: Ridgestock organizer offers ownership of event (VIDEO)

Roo Cantada stepped onto the stage next to the North Columbia Schoolhouse to introduce Saturday night’s headliner — Stone Mecca — for one last time as the organizer of Ridgestock Music and Sustainability Expo.

But she alluded that this doesn’t have to be the last Ridgestock.

The festival is for sale.

“So you may not know this, but maybe you want Ridgestock to go on? But I want to tell you, I’m not going to do it,” Cantada said to the crowd.

“But maybe you will? Maybe you’re young? Maybe you’re vivacious? Maybe you grew a big crop and you don’t know what to do with it?

“Maybe you’re one of those people who comes up to me year after year and says, ‘You know what you should do, Roo?’

“I tell you it’s really, really fun and it’s about 200 phone calls and this happens.

“Maybe you love it so much?

“You should do it,” Cantada said, as she made eye contact and pointed to individuals from the crowd.

“You, you, you, you.

“I’ve done it for 20 years, I love it, people call it Roo-stock, it’s not Roo-Stock, it’s Ridgestock. It’s all about the Ridge, it’s all about you, it’s all about coming together for one last hurrah and getting together for the end of the summer and celebrating each other and our awesome community,” Cantada said, as the crowd cheered.

“It’s all a legit business,” Cantada said. “I pay taxes on it every year.”

The final night of the Ridgestock brought folks from the Ridge and beyond dancing and grooving the night away, for at least one more time Saturday.

“You want this to keep going, don’t you?” Cantada asked the crowd. “Make it three days? You can make it how you want.”

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