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Facing the New Year with joy, compassion

With Christmas behind us, we can all relax and breathe! The holiday season can be exhausting, and as we all slowly exhale, the hubbub and excitement of Christmas recedes into the past. Now we look forward to the year ahead.

In describing how I work with patients, perhaps you can formulate some of your own ideas and goals for 2003 on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

“What is the most limiting to you right now?”

This is often the first question I ask a new patient. What is your immediate response to this question? Perhaps your limitations are physical. Sometimes our emotional lives create the greatest limitation. Make a list of the most limiting features of your life.

“What are your beliefs about these things?'”

Next to each item, write down the things that you believe about yourself and your problems.

This is the time to really indulge yourself. Look at all the things

that you believe to be true

about your condition.

There are myriad beliefs that we hold about ourselves. Sometimes, actually seeing or stating these beliefs allows us to understand the particular framework in our minds that we have created to support our current conditions.

Often we hold our ideas about ourselves to be solid, when in reality they are simply thoughts, often arising out of situations which occurred in the past.

“Who would you be without these beliefs?”

After looking at your ideas about yourself, let yourself have the experience of freedom that can be yours by letting go of the beliefs that keep you locked in. Imagine yourself connected to the freedom of letting go of long-held notions of who you are.

The truth is that you are limitless and have unbounded freedom. The opportunities for reconstructing your inner universe arise from moment to moment, like a beautiful flower waiting to be picked. Write down an image of yourself that is free from long-held notions.

“What message is your body trying to give you right now?”

By focusing on your physical body – closing your eyes and being quiet – a wonderful integration process can occur.

Often our physical condition is an expression of ourselves on a very deep level.

Give a voice to your symptoms. Let the deep wisdom which is yours to access come through. Let your problem become your opportunity’ your growing edge.

By tuning in to an area in your body which gives you discomfort or pain and giving it a voice, you can discover how your body can be a great teacher. Each person’s process is unique, but with an open mind and heart, your body can help guide you into balance. Sit down with a pencil and paper and give a voice to one part of your physical body.

See what comes. Don’t be afraid to let out what you have been holding inside.

Next, take all the papers you have written and hold them close to your heart.

Hold them with great compassion and love for a person you hold dear … Yourself! Imagine yourself holding a newborn baby. Look into its eyes and see how precious and beautiful it is. That is how precious and beautiful you are.

Now imagine the person you love or have loved the most in the world. Imagine loving yourself that much. Give yourself that love right now.

Many of us have spent a lot of our lives seeking the approval or disapproval of others, to prove to ourselves that we are lovable or that we are unworthy of being loved.

When you withdraw the projection – the need to be loved or unloved – and give to yourself instead, the world becomes a very different place indeed. Light a candle for yourself every day.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture in particular – influences the body to deeply relax and truly restores our innate ability to reconstruct ourselves. We are not solid and unchanging. It is within.

It is with our deepest nature to change and evolve.

The meridians of acupuncture, flow, move, and become an organized web of inter-connected pathways. Becoming aware of this flow of energy often means getting out of our own way.

By asking questions, and being self-reflective, our curiosity can lead us to a deeper wisdom.

Every new year brings another opportunity to meet ourselves with love and compassion.

Love for who we are and compassion for who we think we are…these are truly gifts to give ourselves in the new year.

Be grateful. Be happy. Be well.

Cynthia Yaguda is a licensed acupuncturist with a doctorate degree in Oriental medicine with a private practice in Grass Valley. Contact her at 272-8935.

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