Helping out with horsepower: Off-roading club cleans up river banks in Marysville |

Helping out with horsepower: Off-roading club cleans up river banks in Marysville

David Flynn used his off-roading truck to push a burned-out car to the vehicle gathering area at Shad Pat in Marysville.
Photo by Nicki Schedler/Marysville Appeal Democrat

The sound of crushing metal filled the air as rusty, old cars dragged behind off-roading vehicles.

By the banks of the Feather and Yuba rivers at an area called Shad Pad, an off-roading enthusiasts group in Marysville, used their collective automotive power to cleanup the area they use for off-roading recreation.

Dustin Daundivier, founder of 530 Recovery and Everything Off-Road, decided to organize his 1,200 member Facebook group to hold a river cleanup day Saturday to collect trash, debris and abandoned vehicles that litter the Shad Pad recreational area.

“If we can get 20 people, we can get 20 cars, and we had over 100 people show up,” Daundivier said.

The group worked to haul old cars, boats and trash to a central area for collection with Dumpsters provided by the Yuba County supervisors.

“Every time we go out there we see trash piling up, cars piling up … now you go to the beach you look over there’s trash everywhere,” Daundivier said. “I don’t see anything being done so I just threw it out there.”

Daundivier said he was inspired to organize the event because the off-roading group wanted to help provide a service by working to keep the area clean so it can be enjoyed by all.

Starting early in the morning, group members worked to tow discarded cars to a central area at Shad Pad for collection. The off-roading vehicles helped the members access vehicles in areas that would otherwise be hidden and inaccessible.

“Now it’s kind of like an Easter egg hunt,” said Gerald Raymer, a leader in the group. “Tow truck drivers can’t go out to get them.”

The goal, Daundivier said, was to work toward installing trash cans and spreading the message to those who use the area for recreation to “pack out more than you pack in.”

“We’d like to clean it up and we’d like to keep it that way,” Raymer said.

Nicki Schedler is a reporter for the Marysville Appeal Democrat. She can be reached at

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