Two former police chiefs endorse Moon for Nevada County Sheriff |

Two former police chiefs endorse Moon for Nevada County Sheriff

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Two law enforcement professionals, Timothy A. Foley and Rick Braziel, endorsed Shannan Moon for Sheriff-Coroner-Administrator of Nevada County according to a release.

Foley is the former Nevada City Chief of police.

“Captain Moon is the most qualified and best person for the community, engaging all facets of law enforcement in a fair and equitable manner,” he said in the release.

Braziel is the former Sacramento Chief of Police, current Inspector General of Sacramento County, and Executive Fellow of the National Police Foundation.

“Shannan Moon understands the day to day demands to keep Nevada County safe,” Braziel said in the release. “Her passion for the community and the women and men of Nevada County Sheriff’s Office shows in her everyday commitment toward improvement. Shannan understands the importance of staying connected to neighborhood issues, developing employees, forging relationships, and planning for the future. Shannan Moon is the right choice for Nevada County Sheriff.”

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Source: Moon for Sheriff campaign

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