All’s quiet on the vote center front in Nevada County |

All’s quiet on the vote center front in Nevada County

Sarah Hunter
Staff Writer
The halls of the Eric Rood Center in Nevada City remain eerily quiet on the morning of Election Day.
Sarah Hunter/

It’s Election Day in western Nevada County, the last day to get your ballot cast for the primary election.

There are multiple voting centers across the county, waiting for citizens to come in and vote … and there’s no one there.

The Eric Rood Center used to be the place where many went to vote. It was the only place with all the records, where one could change their address or other information pertinent to voting. But the halls were barren.

Occasionally, one or two people would come in, only to drop off their ballot. No questions, no complications. The vacancy is theoretically because of the new mail-in system.

“I’ve been here for 14 years,” said Abby Kelly, the administrative assistant, “and I’ve never seen the election center this empty.”

As she was speaking, one person came in, and all of the assistants looked up expectantly. But the voter only turned in their ballot and waved goodbye.

“The mail-in system has made this so much smoother,” Kelly continued. “The only people coming in are asking ‘where’s my ballot’ or need a new one. Or they’re just giving us their ballot on the way to work. It makes our job a lot easier.”

The Gold Miners Inn is a new center, opening for the first time this year. Within the hotel, there was a similar scene — few people actually voting, and one person turning in their ballot. The supervisor reported it was busier in the morning, but even then most people only came in to drop off their ballot.

There is a possibility the lack of people could be from a lack of voting. This was also the last day to vote, so voters could’ve turned in their ballot on previous days.

A man was heard talking to one of the assistants saying, “I could’ve just mailed it in? Well, that makes it real easy, I should’ve just done that.”

Followed by an expletive.

Sarah Hunter is a University of Nevada journalism student and intern with The Union. Contact her at

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