Assemblyman introduces legislation re-establishing part-time legislature for California |

Assemblyman introduces legislation re-establishing part-time legislature for California

Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach), a candidate for governor, announced he is introducing legislation to return the California Legislature to being a part-time institution, according to a news release.

“During five years of serving in the California Assembly, I’ve seen firsthand the waste in the California Legislature. Most Legislative sessions are little more than a 45 minute formality, with legislators commemorating calendar events and reading public obituaries; they are a facade designed to pay legislators and give the appearance of activity to the public,” Allen said in the news release. “California’s 50-year experiment with a full-time legislature is a dismal failure. Today’s California government spends, taxes, and regulates with historical precedence and a near total disregard for the will of California’s citizens.”

Currently, the California Legislature is in session for most of the year, typically from January to September, the release states. Legislators are paid $104,000 a year and earn more than $30,000 annually in tax-free per diem payments.

According to the news release, under Allen’s legislation the state legislature would convene in January of each year, for no more than 30 days. It would convene again in May for a maximum of 60 days, with an additional five days to re-consider legislation vetoed by the governor. Special sessions would be limited to 15 days. Similar to other part-time legislatures, in odd-numbered years the legislature would be limited to passing a budget. During even- numbered years, legislative sessions would be devoted to non-budgetary legislation.

“The concept that full-time legislators lead to better governance has proven to be a myth,” Allen said. “Rather than serving the interests of ordinary Californians, a full-time legislature has led to political cronyism, moral corruption, and special interest pandering on an epic scale.”

Source: Office of Assemblyman Travis Allen, 72nd district.

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