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Rose Murphy: A dozen in-demand careers in the health care field

Rose Murphy

Are you searching for a career field that will be secure? Deciding on what to major in? Maybe you want to transition to a new field of work. One of the fastest growing career fields of the future will be in the health care industry. Today we have one of the most severe shortages of nurses in history. With new technologies and laws, changing business practices, and an aging population, the healthcare field is one that has many emerging career paths to investigate.

Providing care to patients is one important duty of a health care provider. Also, collecting payments and data, managing schedules, keeping records, supervising staff and other administrative duties create varied positions. Some positions may have educational requirements of on-the job training or community college. Others will require a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) or more. However, there are positions at almost every educational level. Pay generally rises with educational level. Today there are more options in the health care field than ever. Many positions are non-traditional, outside of a hospital setting. By 2030 occupations in healthcare are projected to grow by 16%. Let’s check out some of the career paths that will grow significantly in the years to come.

Medical and Health Services Manager is a position that is expected to increase by 32% by 2028. The median income of this position is $70,800 per year. Typically, this position would require at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration or Health Management with some experience in the medical field.

Nursing Informatics combines computer science skills with information science to communicate data to doctors, nurses, patients and other health care staff. Master’s Degree in Nursing or related field, with experience is required. Average salary is $102,230 with a 9% growth through 2028.

Physical Therapist Assistant will help patients of all ages improve their strength and mobility through exercise and training. Salary of $57,750 with a 35% increase in demand by 2030. 20-month training program, some of which may be online.

Medical Coders are specialists who digitize patient records. The setting may be in a hospital or clinic, as well as for government or insurance agencies. Average salary is $44,010, with a 9% growth rate and a 20-month training program.

Fitness Nursing focuses on exercise, nutrition and education in order to assist patients to regain strength and health. 2 – 4-year degree required, with certification. Average salary $57,182.

Certified Diabetes Nurse also focuses on individuals and their exercise, health and nutrition practices. BSN, certification and experience will bring an average salary of $62,612 with a 13% growth rate.

Dental Assistants work closely under the supervision of dentists, assisting with patient care. This is a great stepping stone to the role of hygienist. Assistants need a 16-24 month educational program, and earn an average of $39.770 with a 11% growth rate.

Travel Nurses are in very high demand. These nurses will provide services for facilities and hospitals on a short-term basis. Average salary is $80,000 per year and requires a BSN, an RN license and some years of experience.

Telemedicine Nursing may be a position one can do from home. It is the remote exchange of health data through the phone, internet, video or email. Median average salary is $92,924, depending on a variety of factors. BSN required, certification and experience.

Certified Life Care Planners work as case manages to conduct research, navigate the healthcare system and conduct assessments and plan and manage services for patients. Average of $84,000 per year, with a Master’s in Nursing, focusing on Rehabilitation and a Certificate (CLCP). The growth rate is 12%.

Magnetic Resonance Image Technician, also known as MRI tech, will operate the imaging machines and provide the test results to doctors and patients. Salary of $63.710 with a 2-year degree. Growth rate is 9%.

Genetic Counseling is for the person who loves science and enjoys providing education to others. This counseling position would provide and conduct research on inherited diseases, while also offering emotional support to individuals and their families. Median salary $85,700, Master’s Degree in Genetic field required. Expected to see a 26% growth rate.

When it comes to finding the perfect career field for you, it is important to investigate the rate of growth, amount of pay, the education or training needed for the job. It is also important to see if the tasks, setting and responsibilities of the job match your skills set and personality. The above careers were researched on the Occupational Outlook Handbook website (OOH) with data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This resource can be used for investigating all emerging career fields. New and exciting opportunities are being developed on a regular basis. A new “field of degree” section on the website can also be used to link majors with careers. If you are in the process of finding a vocation, major or simply changing your current work position, perhaps you will find a field that will be a fit for you?


Rose Murphy is a retired high school counselor now working as an independent educational consultant. She can be reached at abestfitcollege@gmail.com or abestfitcollege.com


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