Like many others in Nevada County, our Grass Valley School District (GVSD) students and teachers enjoyed a wonderful Fall Break last week. This countywide tradition and week-long break from school is the perfect time for students, staff and families to enjoy the fall weather and to celebrate our start of the school year. GVSD has much to celebrate as we continue to expand and offer new supportive learning experiences for our students.

The GVSD Expanded Learning Department is focused on providing after school opportunities that support the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests of our students. It is our belief that creating hands-on, engaging, fun, and enriching activities during out-of-school time will give our students more tools to set them up for a remarkably bright future. These experiences help develop our students in the classroom and outside of it as well. Whether it is participating in one of our on-campus after school programs, or joining the Friendship Club at Bright Futures for Youth in the community, the goal is still the same. Giving students a supreme learning environment with a variety of options to grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

Andrew Withers: New opportunities for Grass Valley students

Starting this week is GVSD's new afterschool Youth Orchestra Club. Pictured are Matthew Biggs, Austin Wadman and Hayden Hlebichuk.

Andrew Withers: New opportunities for Grass Valley students

Marge Shasberger from Music inthe Mountains (MIM), and Mary Ellen Sorci from Foggy Mountain Music are collaborating with Grass Valley School District to offer free classical music lessons to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Pictured are Boone Guzman, Austin Wadman, Willow Howard, and Matthew Biggs.

Andrew Withers: New opportunities for Grass Valley students

The new turf field for Margaret G. Scotten is nearly completed. The GVSD is planning to hold the Halloween Parade on it next week.

Andrew Withers: Students are the leaders of their learning

Andrew Withers