Double dipping |

Double dipping

First, “double dipping” happens all the time. Check out visiting judges in our and other counties. Want your case delayed and delayed waiting for a judge?

Secondly, a person has the right to their pension. They earned it and if they abide by the rules they should receive it.

Now, let’s look at the reason for some of the double dipping. So, a very experienced person retires and it leaves a big hole in your system. How do you fill it? You could go out and hire a totally inexperienced person, spend lots of time training them and someday they will be up to speed and functioning? Maybe. If not, you will replace them and start all over. How expensive is that? It is costing you at least the salary of one and a half people. (That’s the new person and the loss of time from whoever is training them.)

Or you could hire the retiring person back on a temporary basis. You are instantly up to speed, have time to find a good replacement, and have a competent trainer for the new person. Big plus – you can ask the retiree to go back to retirement if your budget requires it or to work fewer hours. Big negative – the retiree may want to go fishing. But that is OK too because if they don’t work, they don’t get paid and you are no worse off.

This “hiring back” retirees happens all the time in the corporate world and is very successful. The county doesn’t have unlimited budgets, but must get the job done. Just think about how you would replace the person if you where the manager. Let’s forget the “double dipping” rhetoric and quit taking up space in the newspaper, me included.

Chuck Coovert

Grass Valley

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