Don’t let Horne be sabotaged |

Don’t let Horne be sabotaged

The Nevada County Central Committee has a history of “eating their own” – and this current mailing is a prime example. GOP leaders? I think not!

At the bottom of this “hate mailing” is a quote by Ronald Reagan -I suppose to try to give credibility to it. He would be appalled at being quoted on the same page. State Republican chairman Gaylord Parkinson (1964-1967) postulated what he called the Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” It became Reagan’s mantra.

Sue Horne has spent years working for the good of the Republican Party. She worked for Bernie Richter during the 1990s. After his death, she ran for county supervisor in the 2nd District as a write-in candidate – and won. Sue Horne won her second term with 73 percent of the vote. She is obviously doing something right.

You might ask yourself, “What happened?” Why, after years of being one the chosen GOP, did she suddenly become persona non grata? Because she isn’t in “lock step” with this small-minded group of men who are now attacking her record? That should be reason enough for every free-willed Republican in the 3rd District to vote for Sue Horne.

Accusing Sue Horne of not being conservative enough (as they do in this mailing) is like saying the pope isn’t Catholic enough. Give me a break!

Make up your own mind; don’t let this tiny little group sabotage another good Republican as they have in the past.

Margaret McCallum

Nevada City

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