Dog dies in Nevada City from fight wounds |

Dog dies in Nevada City from fight wounds

Jeannie Wood adopted Scooter in 2013. She estimated the 13-pound Chihuahua/Pug mix at about 10 years old.
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A Nevada City woman’s dog died Monday from injuries it sustained when two larger dogs attacked it Saturday morning, the woman said.

Jeannie Wood was walking near her home on Red Dog Road when two dogs she described as Pit Bulls ran from a neighbor’s yard and attacked Scooter, her Chihuahua/Pug mix.

While she was breaking up the fight, one of the large dogs bit her hand, she said, resulting in puncture wounds and a broken finger.

Wood was treated for her injuries.

“It seems to be healing fine,” she said.

But Scooter fared much worse.

Wood rushed to a nearby veterinarian and then to an animal trauma center in Roseville, she said, where her dog underwent emergency medical procedures. She estimates the cost of the dog’s medical bills will be around $10,000.

Scooter died early Monday morning. Wood said the 13-pound dog’s injuries were “just too severe.”

Wood said she may pursue litigation against the dogs’ owner to cover the cost of Scooter’s medical bills.

Sgt. Mike Vingom, with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, said the incident is under investigation.

The two dogs that were involved, he said, are being quarantined for 10 days to ensure they weren’t exposed to rabies, which is standard protocol, he said.

He said the dogs’ owner could face criminal charges for allowing the animals to run off without a leash or voice control. The dogs could also be given “dangerous dog designations” by a judge, Vingom said, which would include some restrictions.

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