Do you want to be a star? Even for a little while? |

Do you want to be a star? Even for a little while?

Do you want to be a star? Does being the center of attention excite you or make you uncomfortable? How about stepping outside of your comfort zone? That’s exactly what Heino Nicolai decided to do when he tried out for and obtained his very first acting role in the play “Father’s Day,” at the Off Center Stage in Grass Valley.

Heino is a technology and sales type, normally not the best attributes for an actor. When he heard about the play tryouts, he almost didn’t go, not wanting to appear ridiculous. But his newly evolving mantra is “being that which you’re afraid of,” so he showed up. After he got the part and started rehearsing, he realized that acting is a lot like life and sales – you have to understand what you’re trying to communicate, the result you want, and then make it real. Although he says he’s still nervous before each performance, Heino loves being on stage and getting attention from the audience. He likes and fears that what he does in his performance is a catalyst for his fellow actors’ next moves.

There is a bit of artistic foundation for Heino’s performance, because after emigrating to the U.S. from Germany as a 5-year-old and working for many years at IBM, he went back to college where he appeared in two dance productions. But he never thought about acting until someone suggested he try out for the “Father’s Day” part. And with many small theater productions taking place at the Off Center Stage of The Center for the Arts, new people like Heino are encouraged to audition.

So put aside your inhibitions and self-criticisms and try out for the next play at the center. You, too, can become a “star” – at least for a dozen performances.


Hindi Greenberg might one day try out for a play at The Center for the Arts.

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