Do something good for yourself, listen to live music this Friday |

Do something good for yourself, listen to live music this Friday

It’s all about this Friday night. Nevada County bands are performing all over the place and the lucky beneficiary is you, the lovely and talented concertgoer. Your options are only limited by your musical tastes and the amount of gas in your car.

The Pleased, the subject of a fierce custody battle between Nevada City and San Francisco, will be down in the city on Friday night, playing the Great American Music Hall as a support act for the classic ’60s group, Love.

Last October, during the CMJ Festival on the East Coast, the Pleased opened for Love on a couple of shows, and it seems like the bands were a good match.

I won’t be shocked if this show is sold out by the time this sees print, so it’s possible I’m a dreadful tease for including it here. Still, it’s worth checking to see if tickets are still available, as this should be a terrific show in a beautiful venue.

A bit closer to home will be a show at the Capitol Garage in Sacramento, which is one of my favorite venues in that area. The always-astounding, somewhat-local group, the Advantage, is headlining, and something called Electro Group is opening. The big reason to attend that show, in my view, is the band in the middle slot, Let Go, “Nevada County’s Most Promising Rock Band.” They are also “The Greatest Thing California Has Ever Produced” and “The No. 1 Reason Why It’s Good To Be An American.” And, needless to say, “The Sole Reason Music Was Invented.”

Forgive me if I’m possibly over-hyping them a little bit, I figure if I do enough of this, they’ll feel obligated to wash my car sometime and maybe take me out for a sandwich. That said, they are amazing and well worth the drive to Sacramento.

Then there’s the Little Wings/Golden Shoulders show at the Magic Theatre in Nevada City. While Little Wings aren’t strictly a local group, I think they wish profoundly that they were. I’ll go further and say that if bandleader Kyle Field gained access to a time travel device, he would likely use it to alter history in such a way as to make Nevada City the place of his birth.

And after that, he’d probably go into the future and buy a flying car. I would. The support act, Golden Shoulders, is supposedly local.

They are shrouded in mystery and as such I know very little about them, though I will go out on a limb and suggest that if everyone in town goes to that show and buys a ton of Golden Shoulders CDs and T-shirts, I’ll be able to pay my rent next month. Which would be awesome.

And there you are: three fine reasons to leave the house on Friday night and support hard working, reasonably groomed local musicians.

Do your civic duty and attend one of these shows. It’s good for the bands and it’s good for you.

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