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Differing opinions on U.S. health care

I applaud the Union for its publication of two widely divergent opinions regarding the U.S health-care system. (Ideas and Opinions, July 14, “Moore misses the mark with SiCKO” and “Looking abroad may give health care solutions.”) The dichotomy couldn’t be clearer.

Mr. Glassco’s very first paragraph is fatally flawed. Michael Moore specifically states from the beginning of “SICKO” that his production is not about the 40 million or so uninsured U.S. citizens – presumably Mr. Glassco’s charity cases – but about those individuals already insured. What follows is a predictable, ideologically driven, conservative rant on the evils of government. No facts, just spin. The U.S. health-care system stands exposed: 37th in key health-care metrics among first-world countries and 40 million uninsured citizens who inevitably receive diminished health care through taxpayer subsidy. Did Mr. Glassco really view “SICKO”?

Mr. Lazard provides a well-crafted, “just-the-facts-ma’am,” cogent argument for a single-payer system, at the best economic scale, at a reduced cost, and with no loss in quality, that will serve all U.S. citizens.

Members of the right, by clinging to ideology over substance and using falsehoods and fear-mongering to advance their vision, discredit themselves. As long as American citizens continue to vote against their own self-interest, little will change.

Tom Van Wagner

Nevada City

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