Nevada County Police Blotter: Man drops by police department to complain about Donation Day parade |

Nevada County Police Blotter: Man drops by police department to complain about Donation Day parade

Grass Valley Police Department


8:06 a.m. — A caller from the 100 block of Bank Street reported an internet scam to the tune of about $18,000.

8:33 a.m. — A caller requested something be done about chem trails in the sky. The caller was told that’s outside law enforcement’s jurisdiction. The caller didn’t provide a location and disconnected.

10:41 a.m. — A caller from the 400 block of Sutton Way reported a physical fight between a man and woman. The caller had seen the man hit the woman and was about to intervene. Contact was made with both parties who claimed that they wrestle when they show affection. Both parties said the contact was not malicious in any way.

11:55 a.m. — A person in the lobby of the Grass Valley Police Department wanted to speak to an officer regarding Donation Day. The person does not like that the children’s food drive congests the downtown area and he would like it stopped.

1:04 p.m. — A caller from the 1800 block of East Main Street reported a man in a vehicle slumped over the wheel with the front end of the car damaged. The caller did see the man move slightly, possibly.

2:04 p.m. — A caller from the 700 block of Freeman Lane reported a theft in progress.

4:18 p.m. — A caller near the corner of Arcadia Drive and Cypress Hill Drive reported a possibly high woman going door-to-door claiming to be selling unknown items. The caller said the woman was speaking nonsensically and kept attempting to get residents to follow her to a cab-over camper that was parked in the area.


12:37 a.m. — A person was stopped on the 400 block of French Avenue. A person was arrested on charges of driving under the influence.

5:03 a.m. — A caller from the 300 block of Bennett Street reported leaving for work and there was a man in her truck. The caller said the man left on foot. The vehicle was unlocked, there was no damage to the vehicle or signs of tampering and no items were missing per the caller.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office


1:12 a.m. — A caller from Clancy Way reported a grandfather was drunk and beating on the caller’s dad. A heated fight was heard in the background. An arrest was made on charges of battery of a spouse or ex spouse.

8:25 a.m. — A caller from Oak Tree Road reported lost or stolen Amazon packages.

9:49 a.m. — A person at the Sheriff’s office reported a vehicle break-in that included theft of other vehicle keys still on the property and this was the second break-in.

10:26 a.m. — A caller from Wolf Mountain Road reported threats to one of his drivers. A customer told another driver that the next time the subject saw the driver, he would shoot and kill him.

2:56 p.m. — A caller from North San Juan reported for the past two years there have been people camping on a property. The caller said traffic had gotten worse and the people were lighting fires nightly. The caller requested the fire department do controlled burns on the property and also wanted to sue the property owner because they weren’t handling the issues there.

4:34 p.m. — A caller from Oak Way reported someone shooting several rounds off in a populated area. The caller said it sounded like a high powered rifle or shotgun.

5:15 p.m. — A caller from Fairy Ring Mushroom Court reported hearing her neighbor’s donkey just get attacked.

11 p.m. — A caller from Shekinah Hill Road reported there was a bear stuck in her garage. The caller said there was another bear outside and the bear in the garage was trying to get out. The caller called back saying there were cubs and a mother bear in the garage. Then the caller said the bears were out but eating a bag of dog food.

— Ross Maak

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