Nevada County police blotter: Caller says drunken ‘wackadoodle’ needs to go to ‘clink’ |

Nevada County police blotter: Caller says drunken ‘wackadoodle’ needs to go to ‘clink’

Grass Valley Police Department


9:47 a.m. — A caller from the 100 block of Springhill Drive reported finding a hypodermic needle in the street. It was collected for destruction.

12:21 p.m. — A caller from a business in the 100 block of West McKnight Way reported a woman trying to steal items. She was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting.

2:33 p.m. — A caller from the 600 block of Freeman Lane reported a man ran after him, yelling and swearing, and attacked his truck. The situation was mediated.

3:35 p.m. — A caller from a business in the 2000 block of Nevada City Highway reported a man trespassing after having shoplifted the week before. He was arrested on suspicion of providing a false ID.

6:58 p.m. — A man from West Main Street reported he confronted a man he suspected of breaking into his car and the other man hit him with an object he believed to be a handgun before fleeing on foot. A report was taken.

7:56 p.m. — A caller from the 600 block of Morgan Ranch Drive reported a tree fell across the road.


2:27 a.m. — A caller reported an assault.

5:04 a.m. — A caller from the 200 block of Sutton Way reported a man broke down a door. He was arrested on suspicion of first-degree residential burglary and violating a court order.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office


12:47 a.m. — A man from Donovan Road reported he invited a man and woman to eat with him in his van. All three were drunk and they got into a physical altercation. Now they were inside the van and he was outside in the rain. The situation was mediated.

8:18 a.m. — A caller from Red Dog Road and North Silver Willow Lane reported someone broke into a shed and stole tools.

8:47 a.m. — A caller reported a forged check.

10:12 a.m. — A caller from Woodside Lane reported downed power lines.

2:54 p.m. — A caller from Bennett Road reported a large transient camp.

3:22 p.m. — A caller reported a vehicle at the Rough and Ready park and ride had been broken into.

4:03 p.m. — A caller from Valley Drive reported a man running with a hammer toward the “tweaker house.” The caller said a ruckus might be about to happen. At 4:28 p.m., a caller reported people on Valley Drive were smashing vehicle windows. At 5:12 p.m., a caller requested extra patrols on Valley Drive due to drug activity.

5:18 p.m. — A woman from Shannon Way reported a drunk “wackadoodle” who needed to go to the “clink” and sober up. He could be heard in the background saying she hit him.

5:48 p.m. — A man from Shannon Way reported a woman hit him in the face and knocked his teeth out. He said he doesn’t want to press charges, he just really wants his teeth back. At 6:42 p.m., he called to report she would not give his teeth back. The teeth could not be located.

9:47 p.m. — A caller from Angie Court reported the theft of a wallet.

Nevada City Police Department


10:59 a.m. — A caller from North Pine Street reported her tires had been slashed last Friday.

3:40 p.m. — A caller from East Broad Street reported possible mail theft.

3:55 p.m. — A man from Gethsemane Street reported a man came at him, pushed him down and brandished a knife. A report was taken.

4:58 p.m. — A caller reported a “detective” from a car rental agency threatened to kill him if he didn’t return a vehicle.

— Liz Kellar

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