Nevada County police blotter: Caller reports PG&E bill-pay scam |

Nevada County police blotter: Caller reports PG&E bill-pay scam

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office


1:16 a.m. — A caller from Highway 20 reported the theft of an animal repeller electronic device.

9:35 a.m. — A caller form Keenan Way reported an 85-year-old woman with dementia who does not have a valid license left in an unregistered, unlicensed vehicle. She returned just before 3 p.m. but did not know where she had been. The caller agreed to supervise her more closely and get rid of the car.

9:39 a.m. — A caller from Reggae Court reported an attempted residential burglary.

10:08 a.m. — A caller from Cattle Drive reported a man and a woman in a physical fight in the grass. The man said he had been attacked by a dog and the dog owner was trying to help him break the dog’s bite. He said he did not need medical attention.

10:40 a.m. — A caller from Pleasant Valley Road and McLand Curt reported a pig and piglets were coming into the yard and tearing it up. The owner was located and the pigpen was fixed.

12:56 p.m. — A caller from Red Dog Road and North Silver Willow Lane reported the theft of an air conditioner.

1:43 p.m. — A caller reported someone tried to scam her out of her Social Security number.

2:22 p.m. — A caller from Lotus Lane reported a buck acting manic and bleeding. It then ran off. At 3:35 p.m., a caller reported the buck was tangled in a tree, then got free and started to bang into walls.

2:26 p.m. — A caller from Rough and Ready Highway reported a burglary to a vehicle with the window smashed.

3:07 p.m. — A caller from Grizzly Hill Road reported a scam caller pretending to be from PG&E, requesting immediate payment to prevent termination of service.

3:38 p.m. — A caller from Jitney Lane reported finding a cigarette lighter in the yard, and requested extra patrols.

5:30 p.m. — A caller from Western Gateway Park reported a man pulled his pants and underwear down and was lying in the grass. He was suffering from a mental health issue and was being taken to the doctor.

7:10 p.m. — A man from Old Road reported a woman punched him in the face. She said he got in her face and brushed against her, and that’s why she hit him. She was arrested on suspicion of battery.

7:47 p.m. — A caller from Carrie Drive reported a woman took items from multiple mailboxes and left in a car. She could not be located.

11:11 p.m. — A caller from Sun Forest Drive reported people in the back yard with flashlights. They left when her dog started barking. They had been contacted and said they were looking for a lost dog.

Nevada City Police Department


5 p.m. — A caller from a business on Argall Way reported dogs panting in a car with the windows cracked. They had been there at least 10 minutes.

6:42 p.m. — A caller from Broad Street reported a dog locked in a car.

— Liz Kellar

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