Details emerge in death of veteran Stan Norman |

Details emerge in death of veteran Stan Norman

Sean Bryant, accused of murder in the death of Stan Norman, shot his victim with a paintball gun filled with glass marbles before using CPR to prolong the torture, court records state.

Bryant, 52, shot the 70-year-old veteran with a crossbow at his girlfriend’s Sadie D Drive home. He poured salt on the man. Bryant and Michael McCauley, who also faces a murder charge in connection with Norman’s death last year, poured water over Norman. They beat him with a baseball bat and buried his body days later, a March 22 court filing states.

Bryant’s girlfriend, and her two daughters, were at her Sadie D Drive home on April 15, 2018, when the beating happened. About a month later, as authorities investigated Norman’s disappearance, officers served a search warrant at the girlfriend’s home. They found the girlfriend scared and crying. Bryant had beat her the night before. He pushed an Airsoft gun to her neck, and used a lighter underneath her armpits. The lighter left marks, records state.

Arrested May 15 for torture and domestic violence against the girlfriend, Bryant weeks later was charged with murder in Norman’s death. Authorities arrested the 42-year-old McCauley days afterward, reports state.

“As part of the homicide investigation (the girlfriend) and her teenage daughters provided incriminating statements against Sean Bryant and Michael McCauley based upon what they saw and heard at the residence,” the court filing states.

The accusations against Bryant resulted in two separate criminal cases: one for Norman’s death and another for the girlfriend. Prosecutors want to combine the two cases. The issue is set for Tuesday before a Nevada County Superior Court judge.

“The two incidents are inextricably linked,” Assistant District Attorney Chris Walsh states in court documents. “It would be difficult to fairly decide the circumstances and context of one without hearing about the other.”

Defense attorney David Brooks, who represents Bryant, said a judge must balance the need for a fair trial and what he called judicial economy.

“Nobody wants to do the same thing twice, but you’ve got to balance those two factors,” Brooks said. “That’s the judge’s call.”


Bryant and Norman were drinking alcohol on April 14, 2018, and into the next morning. Around 9:40 a.m. April 15, 2018, they arrived at the home of Bryant’s girlfriend, Walsh’s document states.

Bryant stayed intermittently at the home, and went upstairs to sleep. An inebriated Norman was drinking Hennessy, the record states.

“In his inebriated state he made some inappropriate comments and advances towards the teenage girls and (the girlfriend),” according to the record. “When Sean Bryant woke up he became angry.”

Bryant grabbed a paintball gun loaded with glass marbles and shot them at Norman, who was on the floor, striking him in the face and mouth. He used a crossbow to shoot an arrow into Norman’s buttocks and beat his victim with a chain, Walsh states.

That afternoon Bryant went and found his friend McCauley, bringing him to the Sadie D Drive home. Both men then hit Norman with a baseball bat, the document states.

“At one point they poured water on top of Stanley Norman and performed CPR on him to keep him alive longer,” Walsh states. “Eventually it became clear he had died. Sean Bryant and Michael McCauley burned his body days later.”

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