Convicted murderer sentenced to 50 years to life in Nevada County Superior Court |

Convicted murderer sentenced to 50 years to life in Nevada County Superior Court

Maurice Di Aundra Rogers
Submitted Photo

Nevada County Superior Court Judge Candace Heidelberger could have stricken three special firearm allegations that doubled the sentence of convicted murderer Maurice Rogers.

But Heidelberger, citing the “callous and cold-blooded” nature of the crime, declined to do so, sentencing Rogers on Friday to 50 years to life for the murder of Felicia Romaine Spruell-Jones.

Rogers, 36, was convicted in February of the death of Spruell-Jones, 46, whose body was found in the early-morning hours of April 4, 2016.

A white Cadillac was spotted in the area, near the Farad exit off Interstate 80, about halfway between Truckee and Reno, that same morning and was linked to Rogers. A Sacramento officer saw the Cadillac four days later and arrested Rogers. Spruell-Jones’ blood was found in the wheel well of the car, and Rogers’ DNA was linked to the gun used in the shooting, authorities said.

“This was a troubling case,” said Deputy District Attorney Anna Tyner.

According to Tyner, Rogers lured Spruell-Jones to the “remote” area with the sole intent of killing her, and celebrated after killing her by smoking a cigar and calling other women to hook up.

Rogers appeared ready to make a statement, and then changed his mind, asking only a question about the process involved in filing an appeal.

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