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Burglar sentenced in Nevada County Superior Court to suspended prison time, drug court

Tristan Martin Appleton

A 43-year-old man with a string of local felony cases took a plea agreement in court Friday in return for a potential six-year prison sentence. That prison time will be suspended, however, in favor of drug court.

Tristan Martin Appleton was facing charges of first-degree burglary and grand theft firearm in connection with a July 11, 2018 arrest. He had waived a preliminary hearing into the evidence against him and then pleaded no contest to the burglary charge in Nevada County Superior Court.

Judge Candace Heidelberger told Appleton he could receive a maximum of six years, but that sentence was being suspended for a five-year term of probation so he could complete drug court.

“It’s been a long road getting here,” Heidelberger said.

Appleton was sentenced to two years in prison in August 2015, after he took a plea agreement on multiple felony charges involving vehicle theft, burglary and drug possession. He violated post-release community supervision several times in 2016 and was charged with trespassing in 2017.

In March 2018, Appleton was charged with unauthorized use of another’s ID, possession of burglary tools and stolen property, giving police false registration, and possession of a narcotic controlled substance after being stopped for prowling.

Grass Valley Police officers allegedly found suspected methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine in his vehicle, as well as stolen property, bolt cutters, binoculars, a head lamp and a knife. He subsequently pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of possessing a controlled substance and burglary tools, as well as theft of another’s ID.

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