Create a diet that can work for you |

Create a diet that can work for you

When John Soares’ weight reached 365, he knew it was time to change. Even with 6-feet, 5-inches to spread the weight over, his body was showing signs of distress – low energy, difficulty moving and borderline diabetes.

Daily he went to a sedentary job, complete with computer, fax, e-mail and cell phone, came home tired, sat on the couch and ate and went to bed. He was, in his own words, on a “death spiral.”

Five years later, John’s lost 145 pounds and, at 220, has reached his ideal weight. His secret to success: he took control of his life. First, he created a uniquely personal diet (fresh fruits, vegetables, grilled meat, and nothing white) that he could live with forever.

He also increased his activity level through walking and bicycling, later adding weights. On the personal front, he quit his job, moved, and, without prior restaurant experience, bought The Owl Grill and Saloon in Grass Valley.

“There’s no way,” John says, “I could keep meet the grueling demands of restaurant work if I hadn’t lost weight. But whatever the demands of work, I pay myself first. I listen to my body. I’m excited about buying clothes. I have more energy. I feel younger. I’m more honest with myself because if there’s something I don’t like about myself, I can change it. Once I took control of my eating, I realized I could take control of every aspect of my life. I’m on an exciting journey.”

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