Nevada County releases free and reduced lunch eligibility |

Nevada County releases free and reduced lunch eligibility

Sam Corey
Staff Writer

Income eligibility guidelines for free and reduced-priced meals, snacks and milk was released last week by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools.

The document outlines who qualifies for the programs, which is based on the household size and annual income of the guardians of students in the district’s public and charter schools.

“There really is nothing new about (this year’s program),” said Scott Lay, superintendent for the county.

There was a 1.3 percent drop in the number of students who used the program in the 2018-19 year as compared to the previous one, said Lay. Last year, 42 percent of students used the federally instituted program.

“Statistically, you see those minor adjustments,” said Lay. “You always hope that it’s due to a stronger economy (and) that fewer people need it.”

Typically about 10 percent additional people qualify for the program than use it, said Lay. The superintendent added that teachers and administrators try to intervene and offer the program if a student qualifies without their family being aware of it.

The latest edition of the program is effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 and is available for parents to sign up their kids all year long, said Lay.

“If you lose your job halfway through the year, we want you to be aware this is there for you,” he said.

Each school is responsible for sending out the free and reduced-priced meals and snacks program in a packet before the start of the school year, said Lay. Parents can register in the front office of any public or charter school in the county.

The number of students who use the program drops in high school, probably because students are trying to assert their independence, said Lay.

The superintendent didn’t know how many total students are eligible for the program, but he said about 4,100 used it last year in the district.

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