Copping an attitude |

Copping an attitude

I am writing regarding the attitude of some of our police officers in this town. First, I would like to point out that I am a law-abiding citizen. I have no criminal record or even so much as a traffic violation on my record. Which brings me to my concern. I drive my daughter to and from Nevada Union High School each day. I understand traffic control may be necessary to keep people from speeding in a school zone. I’m all for that. However, that does not give an officer the right to treat people with rudeness, disrespect or intimidation.

On Wednesday morning, Oct. 3, I was traveling on Ridge Road, heading to the high school. As I approached the intersection at Ridge and Sierra College Way, there was an officer already at the intersection traveling in the opposite direction. Since I was the last person to arrive at the intersection, I politely and lawfully awaited my turn. Every other car waiting at the intersection waited and took their turns respectively.

When it came time for the officer to take his turn, he just sat there. Obviously, nobody wanted to proceed through the intersection for fear that they might get a ticket for not waiting their turn. At that point, the officer waived me through. I hesitated at first, fearing that it may have been a trap (remember, it was not my turn yet), then he waved at me again, and I proceeded through.

Here comes the rude part: As I drove past him he shook his head at me and gave me a look of disgust as if to say, “Are you some kind of idiot?” No, I am not an idiot. I may not be perfect, but I try my best to obey the traffic laws and treat other drivers with courtesy and respect. I certainly would expect that, at the very least, from our law enforcement officers.

To conclude, I would just like to say, please be patient with those of us who are obeying the laws. We are tired of being intimidated and bullied. I would love to hear feedback on this one. Thanks.

Donna Summer

Grass Valley

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