Michael Taylor

Dealing with Nevada County’s Community Development Agency (CDA) and Code Compliance Department can be brutal. I know, I speak from experience. It may not be obvious to the general public, but there’s been plenty of tension between the County’s (CDA) and many homeowners/homebuilders… enough so that in 2020 it warranted an independent internal review of the department, which cost us taxpayers thousands of dollars. You can view consultant Erin Noel’s final “public” report here: https://bit.ly/CDA-Review-2020.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that building codes and development processes serve a purpose. They’re there to protect people and the environment. It’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure a deck doesn’t collapse or sewage doesn’t leak, however, not everything is so black and white… or severe. There’s a large gray area, and Nevada County staff holds discretion about how easy or difficult they want to be when enforcing codes or letting you move through the permitting process.

Michael Taylor is a Nevada County resident since 1979.