MARRIAGES: MAY 13-16, 2019 |

MARRIAGES: MAY 13-16, 2019

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May 13

Cross and Martinelli: Leah Anne Cross and Michael James Martinelli.

Butterfield and Holmes: Tracy Lynn Butterfield and Conrad V. Holmes.

O’Connell and Swartz: Carley Louise O’Connell and Jacob Charles Swartz.

Lamberjack and Graydon: Bryanna Marie Lamberjack and Stephen William Graydon.

May 14

Busselle and Clementino: Kayla Renee Busselle and Thomas James Kekaimalu Clementino.

Magda and Ali: Reanya Corrine Magda and Jahangir Ali.

May 15

Coppin and Galvin: Sara Elizabeth Coppin and Jerome Francis Galvin.

Sexton and Lehmkuhl: Andrea Jean Sexton and James Edward Lehmkuhl.

May 16

Brown and Kelly: Gaytes Ashlan Rhea Brown and Brandon Michael Kelly.

Cook and Benthin: Naomi Lynn Cook and Marshall Forest Benthin.

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