MARRIAGES: JUNE 3-14, 2019 |

MARRIAGES: JUNE 3-14, 2019

June 3

Bell and Patterson: Jacqueline Alexina Bell and David Patrick Patterson.

Lightfoot and Frank: Jessica Ruth Lightfoot and Christopher David Frank.

Johnson and Berzins: Katie Ann Johnson and Ryley Michael Berzins.

June 4

Masch and Sanders: Taylor Marie Masch and Connor Gene Sanders.

Van Hecke and Dunn: Felicia Mathilda May Van Hecke and Lucas Shawn Mark Dunn.

Mason and Stemen: Sierra Christine Mason and Kelly Shireen Stemen.

June 5

Maslo and Snyder: Tetiana Maslo and Timothy Calvin Snyder.

June 6

Dremann and Williamse: Emily Elizabeth Dremann and Reese Daniel Williamse.

Tremain and Wright: Tammie Leann Tremain and John Patrick Wright.

Ogorman and Smith: Katherine Ann Ogorman Luke Michael Smith.

June 7

Belohlavek and Pitcher: Milada Ann Belohlavek and Ron Jay Pitcher.

Grainger and Schoenborn: Jennifer Teagh Grainger and Barry Jay Schoenborn.

Gray and Baucom: Keira Michel Gray and Steven Lewis Baucom.

Dahle and Overy: Andrea Jacqueline Dahle and Justus Allen Overy.

Martinez and Warmuth: Melissa Rose Martinez and Nathaneal Joseph Warmuth.

June 10

Spangler and Anderson: Sara Marie Spangler and Craig Miles Anderson.

Pinckney and Slade: Kristin Kelly Pinckney and William Ross Slade, Jr.

McGee and Easley: Tammy Louise McGee and Edwin Jerome Easley.

June 11

Martinez and Setzer: Christina Marie Martinez and Jed Thomas Setzer.

Green and Cecil: Cassidy Lynn Green and Colton James Cecil.

June 12

Crawford and Lyhne: Aubrey Ann Crawford and Derek Robert Lyhne.

June 13

Bierywinks and Teichmann: Pamela Bierywinks and Kenneth Alan Teichmann.

McKissock and Casillas: Kylene McKissock and Favio Casillas.

Kielbasa and Adams: Ewa Kielbasa and Coulter Philip Adams.

Witt and Carl: Carina Cecilila Witt and Robert James Carl, III.

June 14

Painter and Hines: Amanda Elaine Painter and Michael Owen Hines.

Vaccarezza and Singh: Linda Kathleen Vaccarezza and Amandeep Singh.

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