MARRIAGES: JUNE 17-21, 2019 |

MARRIAGES: JUNE 17-21, 2019

Submitted to The Union

June 17

Bailey and Sanchez: Tandie Chandale Bailey and Casey Scott Sanchez.

June 18

Hanson and Montero: Sara Michelle Hanson and Jared John Montero.

Soriano and Roche: Catherine Marie Soriano and Bailey Michael Roche.

Larsen and Bohamera: Sierra Virginia Larsen and Nicholas Mitchell Bohamera.

June 19

Bowley and Schairbaum: Kerry O’Connor Bowley and Joshua Davidson Schairbaum.

Nicol and Lewis: Rebecca Mae Nicol and David Edwin Arthur Lewis.

June 20

Hoenig and Olson: Anna Maclane Hoenig and Frank Walfir Olson.

June 21

Franklin and Wikoff: Jesika Lee Franklin and Chad Ryan Wikoff.

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