MARRIAGES: JULY 22-AUG. 9, 2019 |


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July 22

Coulombe and Holt: Nicole Renee Coulombe and Benjamin Michael Holt.

Henn and Lisak: Lindsay Fayne Henn and David Ian Lisak.

Wolyn and Wolyn: Karen Marie Wolyn and Ronald David Wolyn.

July 24

Cooley and Rieders: Julie Anne Cooley and Kenneth William Rieders.

Derapslittlefield and Clark: Jennifer Lee Derapslittlefield and Gregory Emmet Clark.

Scheidler and Guyton: Jacqueline Rose Scheidler and Randall Marion Guyton.

July 26

Dimas Baez and McKim: Maria Salud Dimas Baez and Timothy John McKim.

Duncan and Anderson: Joyce Yvonne Duncan and John William Anderson.

Stout and Reekers: Lisa Kathleen Stout and Jeffrey James Reekers.

July 30

Deboer and Pfent: Megan Marie Deboer and Joshua Robert Pfent.

Kemplin and Molina Campos: Taylor Irene Kemplin and Ian Franco Molina Campos.

July 31

Grandmain and Saraceno: Simone Jeannine Grandmain and Anthony Nicholos Saraceno.

Luttrell and Crutchfield: Jordan Lee Luttrell and David Robert Crutchfield.

Aug. 1

Goates and Kelly: Alyson Claire Goates and Matthew Scott Kelly.

Norton and Bradley: Amanda Michele Norton and Matthew Robert Bradley.

Aug. 2

Pardo and King: Patricia Rosmund Pardo and Gregory Allen King.

McKim and Ross: Jennifer Marie McKim and Chuck Raymond Ross.

Anderson and Gaye: Kristen Robin Anderson and John Patrick Gaye.

Canuso and Salinas: Denice Frances Canuso and Mark Vincent Salinas.

Aug. 5

Souza and Gemignani: Richard Joseph Souza and Shannon Leigh Gemignani.

Bianchi and Burke: Anthony Carmen Bianchi and Lauren Rachel Burke.

Hartstein and Garlick: Kevin Carl Hartstein and Vanessa Corey Garlick.

Aug. 6

Gregory and Byrd: Derrick Michael Gregory and Tammy Ann Byrd.

Crew and Winters: Amos Crew and Joyh Breanna Winters.

Palethorpe and Collier: Kimberly Arlene Palethorpe and Buster Preston Collier.

Cabrera Diaz and Swift: Ana Cristina Cabrera Diaz and Jeremy Dean Swift.

Aug. 7

Bevard and Renslow: Danielle Marie Bevard and Travis Alan Renslow.

O’Rourke and Kirkland: Joseph Ghilarducci O’Rourke and Emily Rowan Kirkland.

Aug. 8

Ellers and Bremner: Chloe Maryruth Ellers and Graham Norman Macdonald Bremner.

Frye and Allan: Ashley Maree Frye and Travis Lawrence Allan.

McCrillis and Malin: Catherine Michelle McCrillis and Elliot Michael Malin.

Aug. 9

Harris and Adair: Laura Jane Harris and Jered George Adair.

Medina and Islas: Brenda Medina and Abel Rodrigo Islas.

Blanchard and LaPlante: Nichole Marie Blanchard and Devin Eugene LaPlante.

Smits and Kenoyer: Michelle Lynn Smits and Aaron Mitchell Kenoyer.

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