MARRIAGES: AUG. 12-16, 2019 |

MARRIAGES: AUG. 12-16, 2019

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Aug. 12

Baruch and Brdlik: Elizabeth Jane Baruch and Clinton Dean Brdlike.

Booth and Jimenez: Stephanie Lee Booth and Daniel Elijah Jimenez.

Meister and Ove: Susana Maria Meister and Justin Lawrence Ove.

Aug. 14

Rivera and Nunez: Crystal Joanna Rivera and Victor Rafael Nunez.

Handcock and Sutherlin: Jessica Nichole Handcock and Matthew Aaron Sutherlin.

Tverberg and Larson: Sara Sharlene Tverberg and Matthew Donald Larson.

Arnold and Hoffman: Alexis Ruth Arnold and Derek Richard Hoffman.

Gering and Levine: Annamae Posy Gering and Howard Sheldon Levine.

Aug. 15

Jackson and Shelton: Kristi Kereen Jackson and Joel Thomas Shelton.

Pelka and Gamborino: Alaric Lilly Pelka and Aguado Erick Gamborino.

Goodwin and Bruce: Kinsey Rae Goodwin and Taylor Andrew Bruce.

Harman and Landrua: Senem Harman and Jose Antonio Landrua, III.

Aug. 16

Arrellanes and Achter: Ronna Sue Arrellanes and Thomas Edward Achter.

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