MARRIAGES: APRIL 8-19, 2019 |


Submitted to The Union

April 8

Frediani and Smyth: Catharine Alexandra Frediani and Andrew Thomas Smyth.

Thornsberry and Moe: Ashley Drew Thornsberry and Dustin Criswell Iverson Moe.

Apple and Stikes: Laura Apple and Eric Allen Stikes.

April 9

Cross and Guetta: Johanna Grace Cross and Or Guetta.

April 10

Denboske and Patterson: Jessicah Lynn Denboske and Ryan Michael Patterson.

April 12

Babcock and Casey: Carrie Jeanne Babcock and Lawrence Paul Casey.

Bernard and Jacobs: Justine Bouchard Bernard and Jahsiah Abijah Jacobs.

Kiester and Piper: Shey Marie Kiester and Samuel Blodgett Piper.

April 15

Rivera Talledos and Urbina Quintero: Maria Jose Rivera Talledos and Juan Pablo Urbina Quintero.

April 17

Alsayeghe and Hopkins: Tatiana Alsayeghe and Michael Jeremy Hopkins.

April 18

Wyatt and Lester: Kindra Ann Wyatt and James Lee Lester.

April 19

Luck and Hardy: Melissa Irene Luck and Henry Harold Hardy.

Figarella and Hunter: Angelly Evandreina Figarella and Vincent Charles Hunter.

Deruise and Williams: Kristal Elizabeth Deruise and Tyler Jacob Williams.

Ewolhin and Allen: Tricia Deanne Ewolhin and John Christian Allen.

Welty and Sewell: Jody Welty and Eddie Lee Sewell.

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