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Lorraine’s Lowdown: ‘Once in a lifetime experience’ for Nevada City violin virtuoso

Each Ticket Costs $10,000 – and that’s no typo – to attend a charity fundraiser at Shakespeare Ranch on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Our own violin virtuoso, Daniel Zuckerman of NevCity, was picked to perform with legendary singer Andrea Bocelli and hire a string quartet to be the “orchestra” for an intimate crowd of 150. Did I mention Wolfgang Puck catered the event? For those who still had “spare change” left over, they auctioned one of Bocelli’s guitars for $120,000, then a seven-day cruise in Italy hosted by the Bocellis aboard a private yacht with a crew of 30. Winning bid? $250,000! “It was a once in a lifetime experience,” says Daniel. “People I spoke with said they’d almost die for a seat …”

Stoic Locals. When SoCal earthquakes rocked Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas during a concert, hundreds in the audience of 2,000 panicked and fled. Not NevCo residents Anthony and Charlene Halby, nor Tom and Judith O’Toole. Our Fearsome Foursome listened to Reba McEntire as she urged everyone to stay positive and enjoy the show. Later, the duo of Brooks and Dunn joked, “Management asks you to remain in your seat if another shake occurs, so we can get out the front door ahead of you!” Tom quips, “It was a moving experience …”

Red, White, and Blue cakes were honored at Tess’ Kitchen Store’s inaugural Fourth of July baking contest. Tess’ buyer Jenn Crumrine says each winner received a store gift card, baking supplies, and a humongous stack of cake rounds. “We’ve been out of cake rounds for nearly two years,” says Jenn. “We want everyone to know we now have every size up to 16 inches.” Maria Ramos won the professional baker’s division and Rhonda Randolph won the best home baker competition …

Chloe Wong, a 12-year-old eighth grader at Mt. St. Mary Academy, won Tess’ junior baking contest with her three-layer vanilla marble red, white, and blue cake with cream cheese and strawberry glaze filling, topped with raspberries and a blueberry heart. No calories there! “My inspiration for baking was my mom,” says Chloe. “Ever since I was a kid, we would bake cakes for every occasion.” Chloe says her next challenge is to make a 13-layer cake using the 13-pan Fat Daddio’s round pan collection she won from Tess’ …”

Frank Santos was a guest conductor at the Music in the Mountains Patriotic Pops concert, leading some of the best musicians this side of the Rockies. Frank says, “I stood there and looked at their faces and could feel the support they wanted to give me. I could feel the power of directing all that talent and went for it. It was great! …”

Dr. Peter and Kacie Callaham were in constant motion during their fabulous two-week European vacay. They started in Nice, then drove and hiked through the Alps, and wrapped up in Paris. Peter reports: “Our highlight was the spectacular French Alps hiking through hardwood and conifer forests, wildflower-strewn mountain meadows with ever-present views of spectacular peaks, running water coming off high mountain snow fields, and glaciers …”

Quiz: Who can identify the man with colorful stars in his hairdo, who sat in a makeshift styling chair for nearly three hours while his grandchildren cropped, bleached, and dyed his hair in a patriotic design (see photo for the answer) …

Francis and Louise McFadden loved touring Ireland. “We went to amazing venues, spent a night in a castle and enjoyed a four-course meal,” says Louise. “Our guide gave a running commentary, and I feel as if I’ve taken a graduate course in Irish history.” The couple traveled to the birthplace of Francis’ grandfather, and snapped a photo of Francis holding his grandfather’s picture in front of the village church. Louise, a retired high school English teacher, visited the graves and other haunts of literary greats. “I just had to toast all those authors whose work I’d shared with students for so many years …”

Dressed in Bright Orange, more than 100 NevCo Search and Rescue volunteers were easy to spot during their “Fill the Pack” fundraiser. NorCal’s premier Search and Rescue unit received $43,036 in donations. Volunteer coordinator Del Clement thanks everyone who donated and all the merchants who allowed SAR to fundraise at their locations. Says Del, “This money will improve our ability to run multiple searches at the same, which we’re being called to do more and more often …”

Donations to Three Local Teams competing in the 2,000-mile Great Race raised more than $12,000 for Nevada County Habitat for Humanity. The event’s June 24 lunch stop in Grass Valley occurred thanks to the persistence of Bill Croker, who is on the Great Race Board of Directors and a veteran of 10 races. GeeVee Mayor Lisa Swarthout gave Bill a Key to the City and our humble hamlet’s sincere appreciation …

Players Are Still Welcome for next Saturday’s eighth annual “Saved by Second Base” Softball Tournament at Memorial Park (GVInsight@yahoo.com). The first seven tourneys raised more than $50,000, with every penny going toward free and low-cost mammograms and ultrasounds at Insight Imaging. Even if you don’t play, show up at Memorial Park anytime between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.(ish) to cheer and perhaps win raffle prizes …

Lindy Beatie, Penn Valley Rotary Club President, reports the first “Little Free Library” has been erected at Western Gateway Park. The cute container, which looks like a big bird house, allows folks to “Take a Book, Leave a Book.” There will be six lil libraries in all, thanks to hard work by Rotarians and lumber donations from Penn Valley True Value …

From TV Newsman David Brinkley: “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him …”

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