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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Nevada County a ‘perfect place to feature’

Lorraine Jewett
Lorraine’s Lowdown

Our Humble Hamlet is mentioned in the autumn edition of Via, the travel magazine produced by the American Automobile Association. This edition covers Northern California, Nevada, and Utah. GeeVee is featured on page 22 with nods to the Draft Horse Classic, Independence Trail, and North Star Mining Museum. Executive Editor Dan Miller tells me a travel writer who often visits here pitched the idea to editors. Dan says, “We decided the Gold Country with its colorful foliage would be a perfect place to feature in the fall, and Grass Valley is a great place …”

Go Fund Miro, the K9 officer who patrols state parks in our area. Miro (pronounced Meer’ oh) had a hitch in his giddy-up, and needed surgery at UC Davis Thursday to repair a nerve impingement. The Rüdiger Foundation is covering the more than $5,500 cost of the German Shepherd’s diagnostics and surgery, and has established a GoFundMe campaign. Go to the foundation’s website at RufK9.org to find details about how to make a donation. Miro is expected to make a full recovery …

From a Reader observing frustrated and angry drivers: “With all the people moving to the Foothills, Highway 49 has become all the rage …”

Vanity Plate Challenge! I’ll kick it off. Here’s Dave Barbe and his mini-Aussie named Scout. Dave operates the spa, hot tub, and sauna repair company, Dave’s Black Diamond Service, hence his vanity license plate “Hot Wata.” Send me your best at the email address at the end of this column. The winner will receive a fabulous prize in a few weeks …

The Foodie Event of the season drew 650 people to the NevCo Fairgrounds Main Exhibit Hall for the seventh annual Bounty of the County. The smartest foodies learned to get a tasting from a restaurant without a line, and nosh on that while waiting in one of the long lines. It’s a fundraiser for Nevada County Grown, a local nonprofit that supports farmers, ranchers, and agriculture. Ten farms contributed meat and produce to 10 restaurants that prepared delectable tastings. Also present were three wineries, two breweries, and South Fork Vodka. Nevada County Grown Executive Director Shanin Ybarrondo says, “This event has the potential to really showcase all things grown in Nevada County with more restaurants and farms participating in the future. We know the consumers are ready for this local food connection because we keep selling out …”

Thanks to All who helped tally another record-setting total at the two NevCo Fair auctions benefiting local youth in agriculture. The Ag Mechanics auction raised $63,050 from the sale of wood and metal creations, and the Jr. Livestock Auction brought in $563,650 from the sale of animals raised and sold by FFA and 4-H members. Add in about $110K of “bumps” — donations from folks who want to help but prefer not to take home any products — and the total of both auctions was $736,805. That’s more than $65K over last year’s record …

Congrats to Jan Arbuckle, GeeVee City Council Member and League of California Cities Prez, on her appointment to California’s Master Plan for Aging Stakeholder Advisory Committee. It’s nice to have a local voice as our state tries to build an age-friendly environment. “I’m especially interested in seeking solutions to challenges seniors face such as transportation and housing,” says Jan. “Public transportation in rural areas like ours can be difficult. We have many seniors living in mobile home parks. Their rents are increasing at rates they cannot afford, often after their park has been purchased by a large corporation …”

Some GeeVee Roads are looking a little better after being ground down to mere shadows of themselves. Projects to resurface and reconstruct streets, upgrade sidewalks and intersections for ADA compliance, fix storm drains, and replace a water line are just about finished. Those are tax dollars at work, most from Measure E and some from the city’s water and gas tax funds. “Thanks to citizens who love their town and voted for Measure E,” says City Manager Tim Kiser, “allowing us to complete these much-needed projects …”

There Are So Many new members of the NevCity Chamber of Commerce this summer that we have room herein for only a handful: Savvy, which sells Balinese art and furniture; Sunchild’s Parlour, which hails from SF’s Haight Ashbury District and offers vintage fashion; Cereset Nevada City, selling a patented technology that promotes brain relaxation; Olivia Luna Clothing, featuring digitally-printed apparel including Fair Trade imports from Argentina; Choquiero Chocolate, offering exotic chocolate from around the world; Inner Sanctum, showcasing used books and antiques; and California Crepes, whose name says it all …

The Final of Four NevCo Concert Band Picnic Pops performances at Pioneer Park’s band shell takes place tomorrow. Don’t miss this free and fun performance (NCCB.org). The most recent concert featured a rousing rendition of “Singing in the Rain,” during which guests donned colorful umbrellas and danced together with the freestyle choreography that only comes when a group is in a groove …

“Women at the Well” is what they’ve named their group, but we’ll never know their names. Three years ago, a woman saw a mother and son crying while writing a prayer and releasing it into the well at NevCity’s First Baptist Church. “What I saw was peace after they placed their prayers in the well,” she recalls. The prayers are collected daily and prayed about/over. It’s all anonymous, says one of the prayer warriors, because “Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help or share with others when you need a miracle …”

A Lifetime of Employment and an uninterrupted career with one company is a thing of the past. Football coach Lou Holtz joked way-back-when during his decade at Notre Dame (1986-96) that his “lifetime contract” meant, “I can be declared legally dead at any time …”

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