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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Looks back into history

Lorraine Jewett
Lorraine’s Lowdown

Locals Are Abuzz about the 1960s-era time capsule unearthed at Nevada Union High School and discovered across town at Hansen Bros. Hansen Bros. President Jeff Hansen delivered the capsule and contents to Nevada Union High School Tuesday. The 1958 yearbook inside the capsule may have belonged to Jeff’s late father, Orson Hansen. An even older generation shares this story: tucked inside those pages was a note hand-written by Orson’s father, Arlie, in which Arlie describes the year, make and model of the Hansen Bros. equipment Orson was operating in the yearbook photos …

Readers Have Shared their memories sparked by the time capsule. Ron Bertram is proud to be among the then-new Nevada Union Senior High School’s first graduating class in 1962. Ron says, “I recall helping plant the lawns below the buildings, spreading the seed from the back of a pickup driven by Dave Pardini. I think Richard Smith was in the back, too. The football field had been planted earlier and we practiced there in the fall.  Football games were all played at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, baseball at Pioneer Park, and since there was no track, meets were probably at the ‘old’ high school, but I don’t recall for sure. Good memories …”

Susanna Wilson let me know she illustrated the 1958 yearbook. Her father, Bill Wilson, was the NevCo Superintendent of Schools who secured the land along Ridge Road on which the high school between our two cities was built. Susanna still has an artistic flair, and she currently designs and sews various items under her “O’Susanna” label for local stores such as Make Local Habit and Gather & Mill. After living in Manhattan and Los Angeles, Susanna is happy to be home: “I live in the old family house on Carpenter Street in Grass Valley …”

Reader Dottie Cook, class of 1967, shared another remembrance: “I just want to honor Phil Tritsch, who graduated in that class, tragically killed 1/29/69 in the Vietnam War …”

Happy Birthday to Bob Hill, 100-years-young. Bob celebrated his centennial birthday with friends from the Bay Area during a luncheon at Kane’s, where he invited everyone in the restaurant to sing two rousing renditions of “Happy Birthday.” Bob is a fourth-generation Bay Area Californian, whose ancestors were covered-wagon pioneers. He moved to Eskaton Village seven years ago because of his late wife’s physical limitations. “I don’t know what I did to help me live so long,” says Bob. “The main thing about being an older person is that you are constantly reminded of the frustrations that come with it …”

Another Birthday Boy had to sing for his supper — er, cakes. Ken Bigham celebrated his 70th birthday at Cork 49, and dozens of friends danced the night away as Ken and two bandmates performed. He was served two special cakes: one honored his victories in the boxing ring, and a second cake was a tribute to his musical prowess. Ken plays acoustic and electric guitar with the five-member “Runnin’ 4 Cover” rock/country band (Runnin’4Cover.com). He also performs with BluRoc, which plays an eclectic mix of bluegrass, rock, country and standards, and often features Ken on the harmonica …

An Auspicious Beginning: A vivid rainbow graced the skies above the first downtown Grass Valley Farmers’ Market last week. Farmers’ fresh food and produce, crafters’ creations, and lively entertainment await 4 to 7 PM every Thursday in the Neal-North Auburn Street parking lot. Grass Valley Downtown Association Executive Director Marni Marshall says, “I’m a nut for farmers’ markets. This is a great collaboration between our association and the people who make our community special …”

Entrepreneur Bob Larive of NevCity was a guest speaker in the fourth grade classes of Sharon Jackson and Gabriela Prado at Bell Hill Academy. Bob told the students about his experience working for Burger King in the 1970s, when he helped introduce the fast food franchise to Europe. Duplicating the menu, especially the Whopper, posed a challenge but Bob and his team succeeded. “Europe had many great breads but not hamburger buns,” recalls Bob. “Beef in Europe was much too lean to make a hamburger patty, which required about 18 percent fat. We had to ship in fat from Canada. Iceberg lettuce was virtually unknown there, and for years we had to fly it in from California …”

The Enthusiastic Fourth Graders were treated to free Jr. Whoppers from our local Burger King restaurant while they listened to Bob’s presentations. The restaurant has also promised to treat students again if they take their parents to the restaurant and wear their Burger King crowns …

Festival-filled Fairgrounds. The Strawberry Music Festival was held at the NevCo Fairgrounds last weekend, this month the Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival and Music in the Mountains Summerfest take place there, the Center for the Arts’ California WorldFest will be held there next month, followed by the annual Fair in August, and then KVMR Radio’s Celtic Festival & Marketplace in September. We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful venue in our midst …

Restaurateur Jerry Cirino Remembers eating dinner at a restaurant only once during his childhood. Jerry was eight-years-old when he sang in a school choir, and afterward, his parents took him out to eat. But never did the entire family go out to dinner together. The Cirino family couldn’t afford it, not with 13 mouths to feed. That’s why Jerry offers 10 percent off “Family on the Go” meals from Cirino’s at Main Street, Monday through Thursday 4 to 6 p.m. Jerry says, “The take-out meals are family-friendly and perfect to take home, to a park, or to a soccer game …”

Congratulations to Joe Roberts as he retires from the NevCo Probation Department. He served 12 years locally after working 13 years in Los Angeles. Joe has guided probationers to productive lives after stints involving crime or substance abuse or both. “I’m most proud of helping people change their lifestyles so they can be successful,” says Joe. “People have thanked me, and just recently, I attended a ceremony at which the wife of one of my probation clients received her 15-year chip from Alcoholics Anonymous …”

Because This Column includes several references to age and the passing of time: “Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.” – Author Mark Twain…

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