In response to Monte Montez's recent letter where he accuses the Democrat party as a threat to democracy, I most certainly disagree. Let's review what the Republican party stands for, supports and has been doing over the last 7 years.

Voter suppression and gerrymandering to insure their candidates achieve state and federal positions. Banning books and dictating what teachers can teach in their classrooms facing discharge from their positions if they dare to follow a normal curriculum. History has proven that banning books is NEVER a good move. Dictating to businesses what they can do or promote and if the businesses disagree, retaliation is the order. Supporting dictators around the world in Russia, North Korea, Turkey and every other country's dictators and calling them strong leaders. Banning women's reproductive rights and threatening doctors with imprisonment if they treat their patients with needed procedures. Then there is their lack of support for gun regulations that have allowed weapons of war on our streets that are used in mass shootings. More than 35,658 people have died in our country because of mass shootings, Supporting a twice impeached man who incited an insurrection that the Republican party now tries to convince us that our eyes were lying to us on Jan. 6, 2021, and trying to convince us that it was just a normal patriotic tourist day. Several rioters have been found guilty of sedition and seditious conspiracy. That past office holder has said he wants to dismantle our constitution, yet the Republican party backs him. The Republican party has no platform to inform citizens of their intentions. Supporting white nationalism, white supremacy, neo-Nazi groups, the Proud Boys, Three Percenters and calling them all "good people." Their support of conspiracy theories such as Mr. Montez wrote has their attention, and fake news is their constant. Even Rupert Murdoch confessed that Trump lies made money, but that doesn't matter to their members. The Republican office holders now don't want to pay for their own expenses like the $7 trillion dollar tax break given to the wealthy. All of the above can be defined as fascism.