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Column response

Imported snobbery is not quaint. This is in response to editor Jeff Pelline’s column titled “Catching ‘I.P Freely’ in quainty town.”

1) “Quainty town.” You disregard a history of brothels, gambling, drinking and crime – reducing our town to the bourgeois image you would have liked your money to buy.

2) “I didn’t even get a chance to tell him the Chevron … had a men’s room.” He already knows. He also knows you didn’t stop your car to tell him about the men’s room. You’re another wealthy new resident here to raise your kids in a make-believe fairytale; you’re angry about what he represents – reality.

3) “I hope somebody will take concerns about loitering, public drunkenness and urinating in public … more seriously.” This has been “taken seriously” by so many generations of editors, it’s comical. Try reading the back issues of your own newspaper.

4) “You cannot keep the city afloat on the sales tax receipts from a gas station.” A bloated, crumbling housing market and gas prices will sink this city long before a handful of drunk kids or transients.

5) “A cul-de-sac at the end of the Golden Center Freeway.” Remember that being a “cul-de-sac” has kept us just quaint enough for you to feel the need to redeem us all from ourselves for your own viewing pleasure.

Morgan Levy

Nevada City

Editor’s note: Thanks for your letter. I’ve been coming up here since childhood. Peeing on the sidewalk (like the Gold Rush vices you cite) is disrespectful and against the law. Longtimers also wonder why it’s tolerated. We’ll do a poll on the issue.

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