Clean effecient heat: heating and comfort specialists |

Clean effecient heat: heating and comfort specialists

Dirty heating and cooling equipment can result in unnecessary loss of efficiency. Dirty air filters can reduce efficiency by 30%.
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In the 80’s and 90’s new arrivals in Nevada County were lucky if they found a decent woodstove in their new “country home”. The common joke was/is that a woodstove provides twice the heat as any other system. First, it warms the body when one has to go outdoors to bring in the wood and second when it heats the home. Today’s home heating and comfort specialists have taken things just a bit further. The consumer, as in most situations, is best informed about all the options/benefits available to him and which makes sense for their particular situation.

No cold feet”one of the most important aspects of a good heating system. Stepping out of bed onto tile/wood floors that have hot water running through pipes underneath is a system that does just that. This is a very efficient heating system when installed in new construction but very difficult to retrofit a house for it. Another type of central heating system uses a variable speed motor, operating on low heat 80% of the time, turning to high heat only when really needed. This system yields quiet, efficient heat distribution, regulating your home’s temperature to within on degree of the thermostat. Grass Valley Heating and Air offers a ground source heat pump system which pulls heat out of the ground in winter and pulls coolness out in the winter.

In the process of building their dream home, consumers often come to that place where compromises have to be made. Too often the heating system is the first thing that gets downgraded, but installing the most efficient system offers the biggest long term payback of any appliance in the home. It could mean hundreds of additional dollars saved each year in energy costs. Max Bennett of All Phase Heating commented that the most important aspect of choosing a heating system is that the equipment is sized properly. “Based on square footage, requirements are very specific. Consumers should request a load calculation from their installer which will accurately determine the appropriate size of system needed.”

The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency rate heating and cooling products with their Energy Star program which helps consumers choose systems that will be easier on the budget and the environment as well. If just one in ten households were to install Energy Star heating and cooling equipment, the change would keep over 17 billion pounds of pollution out of the air.

If installing a new system, Max Bennett of All Phase Heating recommends consumers definitely stay away from electric heat systems. Using natural gas or propane is always less expensive and provides a more comfortable home. Scheduling an annual maintenance check is great way to reduce heating costs as well as doing our part to improve the environment. Dirty heating and cooling equipment can result in unnecessary loss of efficiency. Programmable thermostats can also make a big difference in energy consumption by setting the thermostat to an energy-saving temperature and avoiding heating or cooling an empty house.

Indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. This is perhaps more important here in the foothills where smoggy air from the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley tends to rise to the foothills and just sit. Many of the central heating/cooling systems sold today have an air purification system built into them. Although the first line of defense for air quality for the family is regular cleaning and eliminating any possible pollutants, electronic air cleaners and high efficiency air filters capture even the smallest particles. Homes today are well-insulated and sealed to conserve energy, which means airborne pollutants have no way to escape. Ventilation systems are a part of heating as well. UV lights that will kill mold and bacteria can also be installed in duct work in many of today’s central heating systems.

Whatever the home owner’s choice, they’re sure to come home to a warm cozy environment especially if there’s no wood stacking and hauling to be done.

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