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Chase Bank avoids emergency: Beeping item found to be harmless

Employees of Chase Bank in Grass Valley’s Glenbrook Basin, had a bit more to deal with on their Monday morning as an unknown device was found in the branch’s drive-thru night drop slot. The device apparently had been dropped off over the weekend.

“At approximately 8:42 this morning (Grass Valley Police Department) got a call from the bank manager that they were doing their opening procedures and discovered some sort of suspicious device,” said Grass Valley Police Department Sergeant Brian Blakemore.

“There is a lane where you can drop business envelopes into the night drop with the deposit slips and it goes into a receptacle that is like a steel vault inside of the (secured area).”

Blakemore went on to say that the opening staff was scooping items out of the collection area and something in the box started beeping. The beeping continued to grow louder and with more persistence. The staff made the decision to contact law enforcement and exit the building.

“Per their protocol they have to call when there is a suspicious item,” said Blakemore. “They called dispatch, evacuated employees, and we arrived shortly thereafter. We had limited information.”

Protocol states that that the nearest Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team be contacted in such situation; the responders in this case were from Placer County.

The team was able to get a scope inside the box and determine the item to be a metal object with markings, later confirmed to be a Tchipie Disc Brake Lock motorcycle alarm. The item retails for $25.99 on sites such as Amazon.

“Basically (it’s) an anti-temper device where some sort of coiled cord goes around something of value. It locks with some sort of pin, and when it is moved or shaken it’s a 110-decibel alarm

“There was nothing in the bank slot that indicated that it was meant to scare anybody,” Blakemore said. “You could hypothesize forever about why somebody would put it in there.”

Blakemore added that police line was set up around the scene due to the heavy foot traffic in the area.

“It was set up as a precaution but it’s not like we had a really big crime scene.”

Jennifer Nobles is a staff writer for The Union. She can be reached at jnobles@theunion.com.

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