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Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Jim and Carla Moss are approaching their 50th wedding anniversary. Sitting in their Lake Wildwood home, Jim recalled, “Carla and I met in high school.” They were in the same graduating class of 1950. He clarified, “We didn’t date in high school. We only dated in college.”

Both lived at home while going to College after high school, Jim explained, “I used to walk up Utopia Parkway to go home, and her bus from her college would come down. I used to see her in the window.” Opportunity knocked when Carla’s sorority sponsored a formal party. “I had dumped my boyfriend, and I needed a date.” Carla explained.

Remembering Jim waving as the bus passed each day, she asked one of her sorority sisters to have her date ask if ‘Jimmy Moss’ would like to go with her. Carla had already bought the tickets for the party. Jim jokingly says, “So that’s why. It was free.” Except, of course, the corsage he bought her. “Those days,” Jim pointed out, “You had to buy a corsage for the ladies.”

Jim and Carla “went through the steps.” They finished school, then they went to college, and Jim finished his enlistment in the service and got a job at The Wall Street Journal. Jim’s advice on preparing for a lifelong marriage is simple, “Finish what has to be done, then start your career in life.” He adds, reflecting, “But maybe that’s old-fashioned.”

With culture today focusing on having everything all at once, time for finding the right person is under pressure, even though it is the most important decision someone can make. Drawing a contrast between marriage in the 1950s and the modern equivalent, Jim notes, as plainly as it can be stated, “When we made a commitment, we made a commitment.”

“I was smart enough to pick a very bright girl, even though she’s a pain in the ‘you-know-where’, every once in a while.” Jim says fondly, looking at his wife of 49 years. One of the reasons for their success, Jim realizes, is, “We just tell it the way we feel it.” He adds, “We won’t hide it, if something annoys us, we’ll just tell each other, and I think that’s the key in why we’re still together.”

Jim explains, “There’s no way that two people are going to see eye to eye, be on the same page, and do everything together that’s perfect. In fact, that would probably be a little nauseating.” Carla picks up where Jim let off, “And I don’t thing that would be truthful.” She continued, “Because no two people are ever going to get along all the time.”

Jim sits back while Carla takes the lead, “I think humor is very important in a marriage. And I think we both have a sense of humor.” Even in times of conflict, laughter can be a great help, Carla explains. “If you can turn something around and make it funny or laugh at it, it kind of takes the edges off.” Over the years, the Moss’s have smoothed each other’s edges with dedication and care.

“After maybe 35 years I realized,” Carla reflected, “Just forget today.” And what he’s just done.” Jim glances at her, with a ‘cat and canary’ smile. She continues undaunted, “You look at the big picture, and basically, 85 to 87-88 percent is good.”

“Carla is at least 99 percent perfect”

“That’s wonderful,” Carla says to Jim. “You’re growing a long nose.”

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