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‘Carol the Scarecrow’

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Scarecrows are put into pumpkin patches to scare the crows. There are many scarecrows. One of them was named Carol. Carol was alive. She was asleep during the day, but at night, you didn’t know where she was going.

Carol the scarecrow did not have good clothes except for a magic belt. Her shirt was battered and her skirt was tattered, but the animals still liked her. The farmer liked her. He thought she was a good scarecrow to have. She scared the crows away.

Carol the scarecrow raked up leaves in the fall. Still nobody knew what was happening. They thought that the animals were doing it. When winter came, she shoveled the snow. The people thought the snow monster was doing it, but there again they were wrong.

Carol loved animals, and she was sad that she was meant to scare the crows. If she did not scare the crows, she would lose her life. She found out a plan. Her plan was that in the night she would say to the crows, “Pretend to be scared and I will not hurt you. If you are not scared of me, I will lose my life, my job and my space to be free. So please, please pretend to be scared. I really want you to be scared, so when I carve the pumpkins, I will give you the insides of the pumpkins. You will like to eat the pumpkins!”

The animals thought, but they didn’t know, that the crows were faking it by pretending to be scared of Carol. They were thinking of the idea that the scarecrow was alive, but they were not sure of that.

The farmer’s children were brave. The children believe that Carol the scarecrow was magic.

Then it was the night of Halloween. The farmer’s boy put a white sheet over Carol. Carol was lucky. It had two eye holes poked in it. She saw everyone who went through the farmer’s backyard. She saw witches, wizards, angels, devils, ghosts and one person dressed up as a scarecrow. She thought that was the best costume of them all. At least someone cared about her and all the other live scarecrows in the world.

The scarecrow liked having all the different creatures in her backyard. She liked meeting the new creatures. She had a happy feeling when they came by. They were all nice to her, but the goblins were not as nice as the fairies.

Carol liked Halloween night. She made a diary in her head and for the first time said, “Dear Diary, this was the best night there was.”

Becca Lynn Bowman, 8, lives in Nevada City and goes to Hennessy School. Write her in care of Youth Page, The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945, or e-mail

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