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Whiting Meadows Project Offers True Affordable Housing Option in Grass Valley

Imagine a neighborhood filled with modest sized homes and well maintained modest sized yards.  Kids ride their bikes through the tree-lined streets, and retirees rest on their porches watching them play.  Imagine a neighborhood where the residents are teachers, police officers, firefighters, reporters, retail managers, and others who make up the backbone of society.  Imagine a neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other, from the toddler next door to the older widower whose family lives far away.  Imagine a neighborhood where those who earn a steady middle class income could afford to buy a home in downtown Grass Valley, or where those who spent a career working hard can retire and enjoy their days.  Just imagine.

For years, we have talked about the need for affordable housing.  Hours of public meetings have been held to address this issue, but so far the solutions have been all talk and no action.  Until now.

Whiting Meadows is a real solution to the affordable housing problem.  An intimate, 50 parcel neighborhood project that is the vision of Stephen De Sena, Charlie Ewing and Keoni Allen; three accomplished men whose combined experience in real estate and development in Nevada County totals over 130 years.  Men who genuinely care about our community and providing affordable housing here.  Their goal is to create a safe, idyllic neighborhood where they envision a return to the Norman Rockwell existence of the mixed generation communities of America’s heyday.

“We are doing this to present an opportunity for young people to start out with,” said Stephen De Sena.  “Instead of buying a home for someone else by renting, they buy their own home.  When you’re renting, you’re paying someone else’s mortgage, paying someone else’s taxes, and making them money.”

The houses in the Whiting Street project will not be stick houses, which are costly and take a long time to build, but rather manufactured homes.  The partners are quick to point out that these are not “mobile homes” and this project is not a “mobile home park.”  These are houses that may appraise the same as stick built homes.  The quality homes will have all of the modern amenities that appeal to home buyers, such as cathedral ceilings, granite countertops, beautifully landscaped front yards, and much more.  The project will have all of the conveniences and amenities of the city- sewer, water, underground cables for power, whatever up to date digital connections are available – anything that is available will be available in these homes.  They will also be very energy efficient and water wise.  And they are beautiful.

“We are hoping to show the community how nice a manufactured home community can be,” said Keoni Allen, adding, “We think this is going to be a nice place for people to own their first home or their last home.  Teachers, policemen, firefighters, nurses and other everyday heroes need homes in the town they work in.  A lot of those people are currently commuting from out of town places like Yuba City because they can’t afford to live here.”

The 50 homes will be 2-3 bedroom, 2 bath models, and start at $300,000 for a brand new home and the lot it sits on.  Buyers can choose from a variety of upgrades, but even the base models will be filled with nice finishing touches.  And this is truly affordable, with $0 down financing for first time homebuyers as well as both FHA and conventional financing available. Because it’s an approved manufactured product, it alleviates some of the regulatory requirements that can sometimes delay projects, which means that the homes will be ready at the time they are promised.

“This community is perfect for everyone, from first timers to downsizers,” said Charlie Ewing.  “Also, it’s a great place for second homeowners and investors.”

If you are interested in learning more, call Steve at 530-913-7439 or Charlie at 530-913-6328 to learn more about the project or to reserve your home.  In addition, the partners are looking for like-minded individuals who want to build up the working families of Grass Valley and ensure the future looks bright for our town.  So if that is you, call one of them to talk about investment opportunities.

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