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(VIDEO) Grass Valley business creates custom vault furniture for safe storage

After a 35-year construction career, Breck Folliott moved to Nevada County and started his own business, Uncle Sharkey's Woodwork, which features functional vault furniture for storage.
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After 35 years of construction in Los Angeles, Breck Folliott moved to Nevada County last year and embarked on a new career, putting his woodworking talent to work for himself and others, while creating a unique form of furniture designed with gun owners in mind.

Since September of 2014, Folliott’s furniture company, Uncle Sharkey’s Woodworks, has been “home of the mantle safe.”

A mantle safe is a mantle with a hidden vault inside that is fully locking.

“Mainly I build these so people can store their guns,” says Folliott.

“If there is an emergency, you have to run back there and get that. That’s seconds spent, that could be valuable seconds that you may need.”Breck Folliottowner of Uncle Sharkey’s Woodworks

Each piece of Uncle Sharkey’s furniture has a hidden compartment inside the moldings. The mantle safe and coffee tables can hold up to 10 rifles, handguns, and ammunition. The nightstands and end tables are able to store four handguns and ammunition. Uncle Sharkey’s also offers entry tables, floating shelves, dining room tables, desks, and TV stands.

“I actually built the original one to store my coin collections and china in,” says Folliott. “The inside dimensions are perfect for putting your fine china in and having it safe.”

Each piece of furniture has a keyless locking system with remote access. The key fob system locks and unlocks the furniture with a programmed four-digit code. Uncle Sharkey’s also offers locking systems that only require waving a card or keychain over a particular area of the furniture for it to unlock. For some products, by pushing the molding, the wood springs back into your hand revealing more storage.

“All of my furniture, you cannot even tell it is what it is,” says Folliott. “It’s all hidden.”

Folliott says most people store their weapons in their garage, back bedroom, or closet.

“If there is an emergency, you have to run back there and get that,” says Folliott. “That’s seconds spent, that could be valuable seconds that you may need.”

All of Uncle Sharkey’s custom vault furniture is hand crafted. Folliott mills the wood, makes the moldings, and finishes the products. They’re also fully functional furniture pieces, with drawers in the tables and desks, and the TV stands with compartments for storing DVDs and gadgets.

Upon request, Folliott will add gun boxes, ammunition boxes, guns racks, and jewelry boxes.

“I can make any style work for me,” says Folliott. “If people have a certain style or certain look that they want, I can mimic that.”

Folliott says he wants to supply his customers with safe storage and rapid access to their weapons.

“It provides safety, security, and it’s easy, easy access,” says Folliott.

Laura Mahaffy is a freelance journalist who lives in Nevada County.

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