Frank’s Pizza expands hours |

Frank’s Pizza expands hours

Hollie Klauer takes a break while prepping to open Frank's Pizza as daughter Lylah peeks around the corner of the counter.
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What: Frank’s Pizza

Where: 122 E. Main St., Grass Valley

When: 3-9 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday and from 3-8 p.m. Sunday

Phone: 530-273-4622

Frank’s Pizza co-owner Hollie Klauer knows the reputation acquired by the Grass Valley institution, which has been open at 122 E. Main St., barring a few hiccups, for more than 40 years.

“It’s still Frank’s,” she said, adding that retaining the feel — and the menu — has been important to her and her husband. Walter.

But there was one thing she is determined to change.

“I feel like there was always a hype that Frank’s has a really long wait time,” Klauer said. “We get people all the time saying they know we have a four-hour wait. That is not reality. The wait time for a walk-in order, during a rush on a Friday night, is one-and-a-half hours, max, maybe a half-hour wait on other days. I want to let people know the wait is not as bad as you think.”

An option many people don’t realize Frank’s offers is “take and bakes,” a discounted pizza that comes with cooking instructions.

Other changes since the couple reopened Frank’s at the beginning of the year after a two-year hiatus? The restaurant now serves 10 draft beers, up from six — and it is now open one more day.

“We just opened on Sunday,” Klauer said.

Klauer admits that the timing on the pizzas that are coming out of the limited oven space is a “work in progress.” She knows the wait can be less than ideal, but said they need to finish getting their bearings before they can consider upgrading the equipment.

“I love our customers — they know the history, they know to call ahead,” she said. “Frank’s has always been first come, first served, as far as orders being taken, (but) we work hard to accommodate people who walk in.”

If you want three or more pizzas, Klauer recommends, call earlier.

“We’re just happy to be open,” she added. “We nailed it, I feel like, on the pizza.”

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