Susan George: The web-based calendar system is a community tool available to all |

Susan George: The web-based calendar system is a community tool available to all

Susan George

Whether you are planning an event or an entertaining weekend for out of town guests, a visit to the Nevada County Community Calendar is a helpful first step. This robust online calendaring system receives event submissions through participating Chamber of Commerce, KNCO Radio, the Gold Magazine and Nevada County’s official online guide, Each of these organization websites hosts an editor account that acts as conduit for submission and viewing information about upcoming events.

Submissions are not difficult. The calendar will prompt the submitter with questions and provide some optional drop-down answers. When appropriate, calendar submissions on any one of the editor calendars will automatically populate the other editor calendars with no additional input or duplication.

Organizations in the process of scheduling an event can easily identify date and time conflicts with other events. Before this calendaring system was employed, an organization wanting to calendar their event had to coordinate with numerous community calendars to determine any possible conflicts.

By providing a centralized calendaring system, scheduling community events has become much more streamlined. Online event registration and reporting are added features available to assist event coordinators.

Those looking for information about events can search from any and all of the participating editor websites. The search can be filtered by event type or location. For example, a search can be specifically for “Concerts” in “Nevada City.” Selected events can then be added to personal calendars and information updates, reminders, and forwards to friends can be sent by email or text from the calendar system to a designated person.

The calendar also supports tourism marketing efforts. By providing a resource for comprehensive and current information about events on multiple websites, tourism and related industries throughout the county stand a better chance of experiencing increased tourism activity.

Web-based business calendar

For ongoing information about business events visit the Community Calendar’s business counterpart. The business calendar uses the same web-hosted calendar software, offering online interactive event publishing of business meetings, workshops, seminars, classes, trade shows, job fairs, networking opportunities and other business events. Submissions to the calendar can be made and viewed on multiple Chamber of Commerce websites throughout Nevada County.

Annual Calendar of Events Brochure and Map is here!

The theme of this year’s Calendar of Events Brochure and Map centers on the Grass Valley/Nevada City and Truckee Cultural Districts.

The Districts highlight thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within the local communities. Additionally, four seasons of Eastern and Western Nevada County events with dates, times and locations are listed and the location many countywide attractions are marked on the map.

The brochure is produced by the Nevada County Regional Chambers of Commerce in collaboration with IMS Publishing. It is distributed locally and out-of-area to key locations in the greater Sacramento, Reno and Bay Areas and the Tahoe Basin.

Susan George is a co-founder of The Nevada County Regional Chambers of Commerce. She can be reached at

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