Sounding the way at The Light Loft in Nevada City |

Sounding the way at The Light Loft in Nevada City

Jan Cercone opened The Light Loft in Nevada City in September. Here she holds her own Voice Bio Profile. Cercone uses science, sound and spirituality for human healing.
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Business Basics:

The Light Loft

Jan Cerone: 707-206-5068

Weekdays 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

201 N. Pine St., Nevada City

Jan Cercone’s career of helping hospice patients die with dignity and calm has evolved into a private practice that helps her clients live life with verve and confidence.

“I became a Registered Nurse at 22, and then, in my 40s, I began doing music work at the bedside of hospice patients. The two — singing and nursing — dove-tailed,” she said.

“I asked, ‘What is this magical essence that can relax a person, take away their fear of dying and be a transition from earth to heaven?’ I learned music is a perfect transition to remove fear of dying, and also remove fear of living,” recalled Cercone.

Cercone, who moved to Nevada County from Marin last summer, opened “The Light Loft” in September.

“During the intake interview, I am somewhat of a concierge to help the client assess their health and emotional blockages. I offer a menu of services, and we choose the methodology that is most appropriate,” Cercone explained. “I have the client lie down, and they receive sound and tones from chimes, singing bowls, and my voice while going through the meditative process with my facilitation. People are able to release childhood traumas, heartbreak and grief.”

The therapies she employs today stem from her work as a certified music practitioner, as she analyzed the effects of music and vibrations on people’s emotions and physical bodies.

“That took me into the realm of spirituality and consciousness. I studied and taught at the Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco for three years.

I learned meditation techniques, and how to use sound and music to profoundly transform people’s beliefs, plus de-stress, remove fear, and increase vitality,” she said.

From there, Cercone developed her own unique process called “Be the Light.”

“Science now proves that everything is vibration: our emotions, our physical self, even our thoughts are a vibration. So my processes help people become aligned with their highest self-knowing, health, and well-being.”

Cercone uses a computerized system called the “Voice Bio,” which she says tracks a person’s vitality and energy level, emotions, and correlates any imbalances to organ challenges and disease in the body.

“We can reverse and shift these processes through sound,” she explained.

While it depends on the individual, Cercone says much can be accomplished in one to three sessions which cost from $75 to $150 per hour.

“My specialty is Voice Vibrational Profiles to determine if a person is in alignment with the words they’re speaking,” she said.

“I can show them if they are physically, mentally or emotionally resistant to actually believing what they are communicating to people. I take them through processes so that their message and their truth are accurately conveyed through their voice,” said Cercone.

The result, she said, is cathartic and leads to relationship and business success.

One of her clients, Robert Stephson, said Cercone’s methods work.

“I was facing a challenge that involved putting myself ‘out there’ among people in a visible and active way. I could feel that I lacked the confidence inside, and when I met Jan I intuitively knew she could help,” he remembered. “She communicates energy — particularly through her voice and through sound — that I found startling.

“Indeed, it literally opened up my own voice and feelings in ways I could not imagine,” he said. “Jan’s blend of the practical and mystical gave me an enormous boost inside.”

Cercone offers to the public what she calls “Sacred Sound Circles” from 7 to 9 p.m. twice a month in Nevada City: on the first Sunday at Mountain Temple Gallery and on the second Tuesday at Inner Path.

She said there are usually a dozen people who pay $10 per session to use meditation and sound for personal and global healing.

In addition, she facilitates a free internet meditation and community chat every Wednesday from 9 to 10 a.m. Cercone is also proud of a woman’s leadership program she initiated called SOAR, or Sounding Our Authentic Resonance.

“I teach women to tap into their intuition powerfully for creative solutions,” she explained. “It’s a big global vision to support women in their emergence as authentic leaders, creating ambassadors for sustainable living, women’s leadership and arts and healing arts.”

She estimated she has helped thousands of clients over her 10-year career. Her resume includes the profession of minister, and she officiates ceremonies such as memorials and funerals. She’s also a workshop facilitator, author of two books, recording artist and inspirational speaker.

Cercone said her triumph is fusing science, sound and spirituality for human healing.

“I help people let go of what bothers them and bring in what they desire,” she said. “Pain, disease or financial worries are replaced by love, health, and financial abundance and health.”

Lorraine Jewett is a freelance writer who lives in Nevada County. She can be contacted at

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