New chore business supports true calling |

New chore business supports true calling

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David True is a busy man. One morning he’s painting a hallway and installing a door, later he’s prepping a home to be sold, and somewhere in there he’s using BodyTalk, an alternative health care method, to alleviate a client’s plantar fasciitis.

True recently started David’s Helping Hands Chore Service, a business that puts his many varied skills and experiences to use in order to sustain his original business and true passion, BodyTalk California. According to IBA Global Healing, BodyTalk is a holistic therapy that taps into the body’s inherent ability to balance and heal itself via its internal energy system. True began BodyTalk California two years ago with his wife, Patricia.

“I moved around a lot following my dreams,” True said. “I was searching for something, and I didn’t know what it was. There was something I needed to do, that had to do with hands-on healing. Then I learned of BodyTalk.”

While BodyTalk is what True believes is his calling, he admits it’s taken some time to spread the word and get things off the ground, so his priority is Helping Hands Chore Services, a venture he knows will put food on the table. He’s had three Helping Hands businesses throughout the years, in Santa Barbara, Denver and Baitsville, Ark. He’s been in Grass Valley since 2000, admittedly the longest he’s stayed anywhere.

“Helping Hands has really taken off. It has every place I’ve ever had it.” True said. “People just need things, whether it be a bookshelf moved or some painting.”

He doesn’t limit his services. In the few short weeks he’s been promoting himself, True has helped an older gentleman take down and store Christmas ornaments, did some heavy lifting, reattached a door and prepped homes to be put on the market. He also considers himself a clearinghouse of sorts — if he can’t do the job right, he’ll find someone who can. Though chances are, with experience in landscaping, contracting and mechanics, he can handle the job himself.

True is also experiencing a crossover in businesses, where BodyTalk clients are tapping into his chore services. Joyce Scott has been treated by True since he opened BodyTalk two years ago and was one the first customers for Helping Hands.

“I’ve been using alternative medicine like (BodyTalk) for years, and when I heard they were here, I went to see them. I’ve worked with other practitioners who used BodyTalk and am a very strong believer of East meets West as far as medical or emotional ailments,” Scott said. “Not any one entity has the answer. When they get together, they make it work.”

Scott, 70 and a personal trainer for Fast and Fit, lives in an older house and is unable to do all the upkeep that needs to be done.

“He hung a door that most people had just jury rigged for me in the past, but he fixed it,” she said.

Scott attributes her good health, along with diet and exercise, to her experiences in modalities like BodyTalk.

“Most people think I’m 55 or 60,” she said.

She was also thrilled to learn that True extends his BodyTalk work to animals. She’s been taking her 16-year-old golden retriever, Chessie, to him and believes she’s really responded to the treatment and is full of life. He’s also assisted a cat that refused to eat.

“I really admire David for this,” Scott said. “They wanted to get BodyTalk off the ground, which is hard to do. He’s more than willing to go out with Helping Hands to make that happen. It’s wonderful to have him and know I can rely on him.”

For information about David’s Helping Hands Chore Services, call (530) 292-3066. To learn about BodyTalk California, visit

Katrina Paz is a freelance writer in Grass Valley.

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