Machen MacDonald: Transform your success |

Machen MacDonald: Transform your success

No matter what our circumstances we all possesses a powerful ability to transform our current situation. Our success in doing so is a state of mind and not a state of affairs.

In life there will be setbacks. The ability to overcome those setbacks lends itself to success and success leaves clues. Here is a formula that is continually implemented by those that have developed the ability to overcome setbacks and live a successful and fulfilled life.

Transformation = Inspiration +Information + Imagination + Perspiration

In order to affect the change or transformation we desire we must coordinate and incorporate these four key elements:

1. Inspiration – It is critically important for us to know WHY the transformation must come about in our life. The WHY is our leverage to make it happen. We can create leverage to affect the transformation we are after by asking ourselves:

“What will life be like if I don’t achieve the transformation?”

“How rewarding will life be when I do transform?”

“What will it mean about me when I do or become?”

“What are my values I will be honoring if I do?”

“What are my values I will be violating if I don’t?”

“Who in my life will I affect profoundly by transforming?”

These are just a few questions to help us become more clear. When we are clear on that inspiration, we generate the fuel we need to get started and go after what we want… and to persevere and stick with it through the easy times and the challenging times.

2. Information – One of the reasons we may not have achieved that which we desire is because we simply don’t know how. We don’t have the data to do so. We must acquire the information that lends itself to us getting it done. Within each acorn is the blueprint of the mighty oak tree. Information comes in many forms. We can borrow brilliance from other people who have achieved what we are seeking. We can acquire the wisdom through books, programs, and workshops. We can learn from our own experience of what works and what doesn’t work. We can access our own wisdom and impulse by taking time to be silent, go within, and listen.

3. Imagination – Once we are inspired and have collected the vital information what will serve as our direction, we must set out in a certain way; in a way as if we have already achieved it. We can Imagine experiencing that which we desire. As we imagine, it will cause us to feel inspired and purposeful. This is known as “Acting As If” or “Fake It ‘Til You Make It.” Often times, transformation is that point where the outside reality catches up to our internal reality, or as some call it…imagination.

4. Perspiration – As we employ our imagination and thereby feel inspired and purposeful we must get into action. It’s the inspiration, information, and imagination that get us pointed in the right direction. It’s our action, executed with intention, that brings us closer to our desire and eventually will bring it about. It is important to note that even though we may be clear on the inspiration, information, and imagination we may not feel like taking the action needed because of fear or uncertainty. Feel the fear and do it anyway. This will serve two purposes.

1. We will most likely find that the anticipated fear was not as bad as we thought.

2. If it doesn’t work out it will provide us additional data to help us the next time.

Remember, we must believe in our success. Our action is belief in work cloths.

Any transformation you seek is now four steps closer. As you practice these, remain open to welcoming and experiencing the inspired successful life that is waiting for you.

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

#1 bestselling author Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley. He helps business people gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at and 530-273-8000.

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