Machen MacDonald: Make allowing part of your plan |

Machen MacDonald: Make allowing part of your plan

Machen MacDonald

It’s business planning season. You may be at the beginning of the season or you may be nearing the end, adding final touches.

During this spell, I have been hearing the following from both clients and colleagues alike: “This is the year for big changes,” “This year is going to be a breakout year,” “This is the year we are going to finally make it happen.” As if all the other years were just dress rehearsals.

When I hear these and statements like them is when I reply, “That’s all well and good.”

Planning effectively

Upon reviewing their plans, even of which may have a clear vision and mission, demarcated objectives they need to measure and achieve, along with well thought out strategies with well-defined projects to carry out, I am still left curious as there is never any mention of a very critical peace of the plan.

I then ask, “What do you need to do and who do you need to be to allow in the change or growth that you are seeking?” To which they promptly respond with the RCA dog head tilt, and perhaps a frown while we are both surround with nothing but the sound of crickets.

I’ll ask again, “How are you going to allow in more of what you want?” “What, about you or your company, needs to be different so as to not just repeat the prior year over again?”

It’s not enough to just know what you want and have a plan. Although, if you have that, you are well ahead of the pack. There are plenty of people looking to make a change in their life or in their business who have built a plan and got busy doing all the activities the plan calls for only to keep repeating the same year over and over without the growth or change they truly want.

The reason their history turns into an ongoing story is they have not created a plan to allow in the growth or increased goodness in their life. In the beginning of his book, “The Big Leap,” Gay Hendricks, asks his readers to ask themselves, “Am I willing to increase the amount of time every day that I feel good inside?” He then asks the reader to consider, “Am I willing to increase the amount of time that my whole life goes well?”

Without thinking, most people think it’s a no brainer. Of course, who wouldn’t want increases in those areas? However, upon deeper reflection most people start to rationalize why they don’t really need it and they can handle living with out it. This line of thinking turns their history into their story.

Getting what you want

Just about everything anyone could ever want is already available. It can be experienced without depriving anyone. So, it comes down to — what’s our plan for making ourselves available to that which we want?

Most people go to the place of thinking they need to do more to bring about what they want. I suggest being more. Be more available to that which you want by allowing it in. The sun is always shining; even above the clouds. Open the blinds and allow in the light.

We need to make room for what we want. If there is no space for what we want to come in, we can cram what we want in all day long only for it to seep out and away from us in the weakest areas.

Have you ever noticed you can make more money only to attract in more expenses or emergencies to soak it right back up?

Even when we make room we must remember nature abhors a vacuum. If we are not intentional about what we want to fill the new space in with, it is sure to fill back in with more of what we just removed.

This week, review your plan. Take inventory of what needs to be removed to make room for what you are trying to create, build, earn, or generate.

Do you want or need more time? Limit or eliminate the actions and distractions that keep you from being available to having more time. Be mindful with what you want to fill in your new time with.

Do you want or need more money? Limit or eliminate the unnecessary expenses draining your income and reserves or worse, that which is adding to your debt.

Do you need more clients? Be willing to limit or even eliminate the ones that are no longer a good fit. You know it and they know it. Liberate them and yourself so you can become available to those that can afford you and have the ability to become raving fans.

Do you need a deeper belief that you can create or generate more?

Limit or eliminate the thoughts that perpetuate that limiting belief and generate thoughts to support and strengthen your belief that you are deserving of having more.

When you take the time to limit and eliminate what you no longer want or no longer serves you, you free up the energy to generate what you do want.

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

#1 bestselling author Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley. He helps business people gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at and 530-273-8000.

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