Machen MacDonald: Goals must be fun to be achieved |

Machen MacDonald: Goals must be fun to be achieved

Machen MacDonald

The end of a year, not to mention a decade can bring about much introspection, and projection.

There will be as many different blends of those two inquiries as there are people. What can be agreed upon is that people thrive by having a brighter future than their past. Events and experiences to look forward to are the fuel that help us achieve our goals. If all we have are our glory days gone by with no hope for our future, we are doomed. Regardless of age we have a choice to either ripen or to rot.

The empowering question is, what is your horizon of focus? Think about where are you headed over the next year and what do you want it to look like when you get there?

As you reflect over the past year and perhaps the entire decade, take inventory of your accomplishments in the three big areas of health, relationships and finances. Here are a few kick-starters for each:

Every action we take or don’t take is attracting or repelling our goals.

Health (physical, mental, emotional)

How is your health better than it was a year ago?

How are you exercising in a way that is best for you?

How are you eating in a healthy way that is best for your body, giving you energy and strength?

How are you getting the proper rest you need to rejuvenate?

How well are you hydrating your body?

How good are you at getting your needs met?

What have you learned and how have you grown?

Relationships (God, self, others)

How are your personal and professional relationships inspiring you versus expiring you?

How is your relationship with yourself better? What’s contributing to your self-compassion and self-efficacy?

How are you loving and contributing to your relationships?

How are you receiving love and support from your relationships?

How are you contributing to the wellbeing of people in your community?

Finances (Earning, saving, investing, giving)

How are you saving and investing a portion of all that you earn?

How are you contributing a portion to those less fortunate?

How are you educating yourself on how to more effectively manage money?

How is your money working for you?

How are you earning and generating more money each and every year?

As you review the questions above you may be feeling pretty good about your progress or realizing you have some opportunities to make some adjustments.

Think about what you really want for yourself going forward in the big three. As you think about what you want, also give thought to who you need to be in order to bring those things about. How will you need to show up every day? What are the habits that you will need to dismantle or construct? What will you need to say “No” to and “Yes” to in order to better position yourself to receive what’s needed to achieve your desires? What will you need to learn? Who will you need to meet? What limiting beliefs about yourself and the world will you need to convert into liberating truths?

As you contemplate these questions, take time to write down your answers into goals to help you stay the course. In order to create goals so they work, meaning they inspire you to do the work necessary to bring them about, your goals need to be fun.

Feelings and Frequency

Most goals such as wanting more money, a new car, or a better relationship are merely means goals. Most means goals even when written out in the SMART (Specific-Measurable-Actionable-Relevant-Timebound) way fail because they are absent of feeling. The end goal is the feeling you imagine experiencing the means goal will provide.

People don’t need a new car. They want the feeling they imagine the new car will provide whether it’s a feeling of convenience to get from one place to another more quickly; the reliability of not breaking down on the side of the road; or the prestige of having arrived in style. Realize this – It is not the new car that provides the feeling you want. You are the generator of your feelings. It is already inside of you. Go ahead and set your goal for the new car and while you work and save for it, feel the feelings as if you already have it. As you do so, you will avail yourself to different impulses for what you need in every moment to eventually bring it about.


Keep your goals in front of you at all times. Review them and feel into them per above. Create a vision board for yourself. Write them down in your planner. Put key words or pictures in your smart phone so you see your goals as often as you scan your social media. Record your goals so you can listen to them while working out or driving; put them to music. Set time every day to review your goals and think about what is needed to make them a reality. Print them out and place the page in a resealable plastic zip bag and tape it in your shower so you can review them as you begin your day. Set a reminder in your smart phone to be grateful your goals are on their way to you.


Be present and check-in with yourself by asking is this next action you’re about to take brining you closer to your goals or further away. Every action we take or don’t take is attracting or repelling our goals. Stay awake. Getting lost in comparing other people’s social media lives is not the best use of our next moment of time. However, learning how to optimize advertising our services on social media may prove more profitable. A powerful question to ask ourselves throughout the day is this: Is what I’m doing now what my goal needs me to be doing? If yes, keep doing it. If no, review your goals and ask, “What’s my next best action?”

Life is more enjoyable when it’s fun. In order to enjoy our goals and the activities needed to bring them about we need to make them fun as well.

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

#1 bestselling author Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley, CA. He helps business people gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at and 530-273-8000

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