Machen MacDonald: BEGIN again to succeed |

Machen MacDonald: BEGIN again to succeed

Machen MacDonald
The Union columnist

On the path of sustainable success, there are sure to be adversities and setbacks. By finding our way through the rough patches, we increase our capacity to deal with more and more challenges so that we can reach even greater heights.

Next time you hit a stumbling block, turn it into a stepping stone. Follow these five steps to keep on keepin’ on.


Simply take a moment to breathe and calm the circuits. First, our brain and bodily systems require oxygen to function optimally. Don’t deprive your brain and body of what they need to operate at their best. Help them out. This is the simplest best way to help yourself help yourself.

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There are plenty of variations of how best to breath in and breath out. I’m not here to tell you the best method of how to breathe. You can Google that for yourself. I am here to remind you to get oxygen flowing through your body and the bottom line is, it’s best to take several deep cleansing breaths. Feel free to mix deep diaphragmatic or belly breathing where you expand your diaphragm with your inhale and then also take deep cleansing breaths where you fill your lungs. Both versions have many benefits. Be sure to do both.


Imagine yourself on the other side of the current adversity and in the place you are ultimately looking to land. Feel the goodness of what you imagine already having achieved your goal will feel like. Let that create the vacuum that pulls you forward to the next milestone you need to accomplish while you continue on your way to your goal.

Get your gratitude on

The quickest way to get unhooked from any emotional or mental headlock is to associate to that for which we are grateful. This will shift our thinking in an instant. Shift our thinking and we shift our feeling. Shift our feeling and we shift our actions. Shift our actions and we shift our ultimate outcome. Start the shifting to an attitude of gratitude.

If you focus on what you do have, then your experience will be that of having everything you need. If you focus on what you don’t have, then your experience will be that of having nothing. The choice is yours. You get to decide on what you want to place your focus.

Want what you already have and you will thereby have everything you want.


What power or special aspect of you do you need to draw forth or step into to get back on your success track with confidence? What’s the truth about you, you need to remember when the going gets tough? Harness the essence of that and apply it to all that you do. Be intentional with everything that you do.

Next Best Action (NBA)

What is the NBA you can take to move closer to your desired outcome? Take that action … and the next, and the next. Remember to be intentional with each one.

It’s never too late to BEGIN again to achieve even greater success. This week, next time you find yourself up against a setback, disappointment, or snafu, give BEGIN a go and notice how you open the flow!

Make it up, make it fun, and get it done!

Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley. He helps business people gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at and 530-273-8000.

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